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Your pizza Domino’s could be even on an electric bike

robot dominos pizza domicilio ebikes
Through a partnership with Rad Power Bikes, Domino’s expects to resolve the problems of traffic congestion and the difficulty of finding parking for those who deliver pizza in a car.

According to an announcement from the company, the deliveries of the pizzas in electric bikes, also known as e-bikes were tested in the shops of corporate property located in Houston, Miami and New York, and Domino’s said that these locations had improved the time and the experience of delivery, so that the program could be expanded.

The custom bike made for Domino’s have loading areas isolated, both front and back, which can carry up to 12 large pizzas. In comparison with the traditional bicycles, the electric bikes have motors to assist the cyclist to the pedals and minimize the effort. The bikes can reach up to 20 mph in speed assisted.

This is not the first time that the chain is introducing a novel way of delivering their pizzas. Two years ago, introduced a vehicle-autonomous robot called “Domino’s Robotic Unity” or DRU for its acronym in English. The drive robotics was developed in conjunction with the australian company Marathon Robotics, and in addition to transporting pizza and drinks in two different compartments, it also accepts payments and even speak with customers.

DRU has four wheels, uses GPS and lasers to navigate, and can reach a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour (18 kilometers per hour), and also have several IP cameras to keep thieves and vandals away from the unit.

However, the massive expansion of the use of this robot was only as an idea, as it had a price of $22,000, but according to Lifehacker it was successfully tested on the streets of Brisbane after the Department of Transport of Queensland gave the green light to test the technology.

The company has also tried to make deliveries via drones in the past, and built a magnificent car capable of transporting up to 80 pizzas at the same time, although this is not a vehicle is not autonomous.

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