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You can now share your favorite content from Netflix on Instagram

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Although we are more connected than ever thanks to technology, the reality is that many people feel alone. Either by personal situations, the place where they live, or the responsibilities and occupations of the working or studies, many are at the end of the day alone in front of a screen, without anyone at his side to share or comment throughout your movies or favorite series. With that idea in mind, a new feature of Netflix wants to make your experience more social through Instagram.

If there is one word that could capture the essence of social networks, is ‘share’. When someone publishes something on their networks, you want to other people, whether they are your close friends and family, or the whole world can see it. The photos, the videos and the jokes flow freely, which makes it strange that Instagram does not have an easy and apparent to share the content that you find in your feed.

And if we talk about the films or tv series on the streaming platforms, it is not a secret that the experience is even more intense if it is shared. Thinking about it, and in order that subscribers can easily share those titles with which they are obsessed, and help you discover new things to see, Netflix today launched a new feature that lets you share content direct to their Stories of Instagram.

The process for doing so could not be easier. Starting today, when you access Netflix from the app for iOS, you’ll be able to select a title, click on “Share” (Share) and choose the option “Histories of Instagram”. The publication will be available for 24 hours and, in addition to showing the official image of the title, you will have a URL address. That way, those friends or followers who are interested in your suggestion, they will be able to press the link and go directly to the page content on Netflix.

netflix en historias instagram share
If you want to be more discreet, or you prefer to keep private your suggestions of series and films to share them only with one specific person, among the new functions is the possibility to do so via direct messages.

According to the company, for now this feature is only available for iOS devices, but Netflix stated that they are already working so that it can be made available to users of Android and also via Snapchat.

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