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You can include guests in your transmission of live video Twitter

While Twitter is more known for people who want to use their platform must sum up to 280 characters or less what they want to express, the team behind the application of microblogging has also been inserting little by little, the element of video in your service.

Now, users not only can perform live broadcasts on Twitter, type Facebook Live, but will also be able to invite others to join the livestream, that would certainly add interesting points of view, or to discussions, depending on the topic. Until such time, the person who operates the live broadcast could only interact with the chat messages from viewers, who appeared in real time on the screen.

The new feature, which is similar to the one that was added to Periscope, (which is also owned by Twitter) earlier this year, brings together three people in a live transmission of video, transforming a monologue into a conversation. But it is important to take into account that only you will be transmitting the audio from your guests, not the video.

“Whether it’s #NBATwitter or #DemThrones, you can discuss your interests with any person in any place of the world, and listen to their perspectives and reactions in real time,” the company said in a post announcing the new feature.


If you want to add someone to your transmission of Twitter, it is very easy to do. First, open the camera by sliding left from your timeline or by tapping the camera icon in the area where you type your tweets. Then, choose the mode “Live” or “live” at the bottom, and then tap on the icon double-face in the top right. That is the button that allows viewers to request to join the transmission.

Once you’ve followed those steps, when you begin your live broadcast and someone ask you to participate, a notification will appear in the chat. If you would like that person to join your livestream, touch the icon for double-sided and you can begin to talk with him or her, after a countdown of five seconds to also climb aboard.

If for some reason you want to delete to some guest of your live broadcast, just tap the “X” in the upper right of your avatar.


On the other hand, if you are watching a transmission and you are interested in to join as a guest, what you have to do is touch the icon and double sided, and then press “Ask to join” to request to be included. If you are accepted, you will see a countdown of five seconds on the screen notifying you that you are about to join the live broadcast.

Remember that your audio will be heard by all those who see the live broadcast, not just the person you’re talking to. If you arrepentiste and no longer want to participate, simply touch the cancel button.

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