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You can already translate in augmented reality, and more, with the new filters Google Lens

traduccion google lens translate
Users of Google Lens can enjoy more useful functions thanks to a last update process, such as real-time language translation, and augmented reality, of any text or language. This comes after that in your event Google I/O 2019, the company announced that it would give the Lens a number of new features, and even allow it to work within the Search. Now, some of these additions finally being implemented.

The first function will surely be welcomed by all those who come to eat at restaurants and find it difficult to decide what to choose. Now, Google Lens be able to show you automatically what dishes are popular in the menu. All you have to do is point the camera Google Lens the menu, and the favorites will be highlighted on the screen of your phone.

You can also see reviews and opinions of the food, as well as photos and more information. Once you finish your dinner, Lens also can help you to split the bill, if you went out to eat with friends so that everyone pays theirs. Just point your camera at the receipt, and Lens will calculate the amounts that each person should pay.

But possibly the more useful it will be for those operating in a multilingual environment, or for those who come on holiday to some place where they speak another language. Google Translate is integrated in the Lens, which means that you can aim your camera at any text in a foreign language, and you will see a translated version overlaid on the book, the menu or any other thing you want to understand.

Other features are also available, such as the role of text recognition. This allows you to point your camera towards any text (we do not refer to text messages, but to some paragraph or writing of any publication), and then you can copy and paste that text into other applications and services.

Last, but not least, Google Lens want to make it a little more easy to buy products that you see around you in the real world. For example, you can aim the camera toward clothing, furniture, ornaments, or whatever you call your attention, and then see similar items available online. Even, if you can find the barcode you will be able to see the exact product and where it may be available for purchase.

The new features of Google Lens are already being deployed gradually, and is expected to be available to all users both on Android as on iOS at the end of this week. The filters for these functions can be found in Google Assistant and Google Photos on Android, and on Google applications and Google Photos on iOS. The function is also available in the camera app in many phones Pixel.

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