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Xiaomi launches the first television set transparent in the world

For the Sunday, August 16, the chinese manufacturer Xiaomi announced the start of the sale of the first tv transparent in the world. At least, the first that occurs in mass and that can be used in any home.

It is called My TV Lux Transparent Edition, it has a screen of 55 inches and boasts a thickness of just 5.7 mm will Cost $49.99 yuan, about $7,200 dollars, reported Digital Trends.

“The idea of a flat transparent it may seem taken directly from a science fiction movie, but we have seen examples of transparent screens that date back to several years ago”, notes the publication in English.

To achieve transparency, My TV Lux uses OLED technology. This system offers a number of advantages over LED tvs, such as thinness, deep levels of black and the ability to adopt curved shapes.

Televisor transparenteXiaomi

But the main advantage of the technology is that it allows light to pass through the screen in both directions. This fortress was used by Xiaomi to create My TV Lux Transparent Edition.

Normally, the tvs OLED are not transparent, because they have a reflective layer rear opaque, but the tv Xiaomi uses a variation called OLE Transparent (TOLED) which occupies a back layer of material translucent.

All electronic connections: audio and video, speakers, HDMI ports and inputs of the antenna are hidden in in such a thin enclosure below the screen

At Digital Trends we asked what sacrifices in image quality made Xiaomi to create the transparent appearance of the tv set: “Without underestimating the technical prowess of Xiaomi, LG has been the world leader in OLED technology for years and still do not offer a transparent screen for home use”.

The press photos that have been disseminated by Xiaomi, the firm shows examples of images combined, in which a part of the tv screen displays content, while the rest remains transparent.

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