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Xiaomi enters Donald Trump's blacklist

A news flash reports that still US President Donald Trump included phone maker Xiaomi on the US administration's blacklist.

This is because China's cell phone company would be like Huawei , a danger to the country's military stability.

A report accessed by Reuters indicates the following in this regard:

“The Trump administration on Thursday added nine Chinese firms to a blacklist of alleged Chinese military companies, including aircraft maker Comac and mobile phone maker Xiaomi. The companies will be subject to a new US investment ban that requires US investors to divest their holdings in blacklisted companies by November 11, 2021 ”.

The claw that Xiaomi has given in recent years in the industry is so strong, that in 2020 and during the pandemic it sold more phones than Apple with a total market share of 13 percent.

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Other Trump Breaking Rules on Tech

After the impeachment or impeachment process against him, President Donald Trump also issued another rule on the technology market on January 14:

The United States Department of Commerce on Thursday issued interim rules aimed at securing the country's technology and communications supply chain that would prohibit certain transactions with Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba.

The rule will take effect in 60 days, according to a US government statement.

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