Xbox Live will expand its support on more devices, including the Nintendo Switch

xbox live expande dispositivos
Microsoft is preparing to expand cross-platform support of its online service Xbox Live for players on mobile devices with iOS and Android, in addition to users of the console Nintendo Switch, as revealed in a session scheduled for the next Conference of Developers of Games (Game Developers Conference).

A session titled “Xbox Live: Growing & Engaging Your Gaming Community Across iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox, and PC” was discovered by Avers of G4G Media and published in their social networks. The description of the session revealed that it will be presented by the senior Manager of the Program of Xbox, Jeffrey Shi, and the Software Engineer, Xbox, Ramsey Khadder.

The sessions of the Conference of Developers of Games will offer a preview of a new SDK platform (Software Development Kit, or software development kit), which will allow game developers to connect users to Xbox One, PC, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Once you have expanded the cross-platform support on Xbox Live, players will be able to access your achievements in game, friends list, clubs, and more across multiple devices.

The session will focus on drawing the attention of the engineers of services of games that are looking to save time and expand their customer base, to allow Microsoft’s Xbox Live handle interactions multiplayer, plus the game producers who are planning a strategy cross-platform, which will allow players to access their titles on different devices.

Microsoft already has several games with support for Xbox Live on multiple platforms, such as Minecraft, and even though until now has reserved that support for their own games, but it seems that it now plans to expand the feature to more titles.

It is likely that the cross-platform support of Xbox Live on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch does not come soon, but this remains an important step for Microsoft as it continues its shift towards a service strategy games. Other initiatives under this strategy include the programme of subscription of Xbox Game Pass, the service of streaming games Project xCloud, and the Xbox next generation which is rumored to only transmit games.

The plan of Microsoft to the multi-platform support does not include the PlayStation 4, as Sony recently opened up their console for the game crusader, starting with Fortnite in September.

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