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Would you like to work from your home? Google helps you with artificial intelligence

google trabajos desde casa remote jobs
People of all walks, ages, education or background have had to look for a job at some point in their lives, and with this in mind, Google continues to add features to make the job search easier and more effective. With the help of the artificial intelligence, the company turned its search engine into an engine of employment through Google for Jobs.

Whether you’re a young adult looking for your first job, a professional who expects to leverage their experience, or a father or mother looking for an opportunity with better pay to support a growing family, Google promises to help you in a practical way to quickly find the job of your dreams, and for many, that means working from home, something that technology has made possible, and a trend that is on the rise.

With this in mind, the search giant introduced Cloud Talent Solution, announcing that starting this week you’ll be able to set the location to “work from home”, and so find remote jobs and employment opportunities at long distance, that do not require you to be present in an office or place of work. Google will also display the ratings of the enterprises and companies, which were provided by workers, current and former.

That means that the hunters of employment will no longer be restricted to a geographical location, but can be found in Google ads work best suited to their needs, and that the browser collects from the Internet. The results will aim to simplify the search, organizing lists, and eliminating jobs duplicates that were posted in different sites.

“Through various studies carried out in our users, we learned that most of the remote jobs were not clearly labeled as such,” writes product manager of Google, Jennifer Suu, in the announcement that gave the company about it, explaining that many people reported that it was difficult to accurately detect opportunities for work long-distance when they enter something like “work from home” in their search box. “By offering this capability to our customers, we hope to make opportunities for remote work are more easy to find for job-seekers who need them,” concluded Suu.

If working from home is not what you’re looking for, you can provide your personal information and Google should be able to give an estimate of the time that typically might take to get from the house to the place of work. To use this function, just type in your browser something like “jobs near me”, or if you want something more specific, you can add the area, item or company in which you are interested. Then, the results page will show you a new tab of search of work, which will allow you to see a list, which you can refine or choose.

“With our long history of using our technology to connect people with crucial information, this is an initiative of the entire company that is focused on helping job seekers and employers, through collaboration extensive with the industry that connects jobs with applicants,” concludes the company.

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