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Worried about the lyrics of some songs? Spotify puts parental controls

actualizacion plan familiar spotify kid listening musicSpotify is one of the streaming music services more popular in the world, but still continues adding functions to keep happy to their users and attract more subscribers. That seems to be the reason behind an update to their Family Plan, which now adds parental controls and a series of renewed functions to better manage the accounts.

The update began to deploy today in some countries, and then extend progressively to cover all markets in the autumn. If you are already a member of the family plan, you will receive a notification of Spotify when new features are available in your area.

This update provides to people with family plans several new features, but the main one is that the primary account holder now has the ability to block or allow songs with explicit content to each sub-account associated with the plan. The company said that this feature was one of the most requested, and it makes sense: the individual users have always had the option to block explicit content if they so desire, but there was a form that parents or guardians make the decision to protect their children from letters that might not be suitable for ears young.

With the update, parents now have a way to filter out content from a centralized location, an option that even ups the ante against Apple Music. The Apple service you can filter out explicit content, but parents need to enable the option regardless and in addition need access to the devices of their children to do so. Parental controls in Google Play works in a similar way, like Pandora.

The family plans Spotify will also have access to a new custom playlist of Family Mix. Like that the Duo’s Mix, a more affordable option for couples that Spotify was tested at the beginning of this year, in which the service takes the musical tastes of two users sets and combines them into a single playlist, now Family Mix performs the same task but with the preferences of gender of up to six sub-families. Clear that, depending on your family, this could be an interesting list eclectic.

The master account holder will also get a new Family Hub, which acts as a central location to manage all aspects of the family plan, since add and delete sub-accounts to filter explicit content.

These additions come at the right time for Spotify. Recent rumors suggest that the company is toying with the idea of increasing the prices of its premium plans in some markets. If this happens, you will need all the competitive advantages it can create to avoid that the customers choose any of the many other options for streaming music via streaming.

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