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With a simple touch, you can log in to Google from your iPhone

Thanks to an update of the app Google Smart Lock, it is now possible to login securely in your account of Google from your iPhone.

The functionality, which is already available on phones equipped with the Android operating system, avoiding the need to receive a text message, which can be intercepted by criminals, reported CNBC.

There is more than one way of authentication in two stages (2FA), which adds a second password to log on, and offers a similar security of a Titan Security Key, which Google sells for $25 dollars.

The media recalled that it is possible to recover a password by text message, but thanks to this innovation, the process is simplified so much, that you can just touch a confirmation box on the iPhone.

For this solution, it is necessary to download the new Google Smart Lock from the App Store and follow the configuration steps, which require access via Bluetooth. Then, you must be logged in to your Google account and confirm that you want to use your phone to verify your identity.

“After you configure it, each time you try to log in to your Google account, first you’ll enter your password, and then confirm that you are trying to log in by tapping a pop-up window on the iPhone”, supplemented CNBC.

In addition to being very easy to use, Google Smart Lock puts a hindrance to any intruder who wishes to enter your Google account: from now on, you need to first have your iPhone unlocked for logging in.

To learn more on how to synchronize passwords on your devices, you can visit the Google help Centre.

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