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Why you should monitor the phone of your children

Niño mirando teléfono

The debate is on the table, and to certain ages, it is very difficult to find a balance between the space, personal privacy and safety of our children. If you’re a parent, you know perfectly what I’m talking about What is making our son and our with your phone? What do we actually know? The trend in current educational calls (properly, by the way) to leave space to the younger, that it would be they who, on the basis of experience, make their own decisions in life. However, the current threats have nothing to do with what we experience in our childhood: the internet is a field open to anyone, criminals included, and the children do not have to know that there are bad people with the capacity to harm them.

This testimony is so strong Christopher Null Wired I drew a lot of attention, especially for the clarity of their arguments: in the home of the author, both his wife as he, had made it clear to their children that the devices they used were not of its property and, in consequence, they could monitor them at will. Many will see a move intrusista in even little respectful with the child or adolescent, but it is precisely the opposite why should you to actively monitor devices of your kids?

By pure common sense

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Who has not found with a picture on the web or your e-mail and WhatsApp that I wish I hadn’t never seen? Adults, with our resources, we are likely to spend a bad time in the network, but we have the ability to ask for help or respond to a possible assault. A child does not have nothing of this. In a world in which digital has almost more weight than the real thing, an assault, threat, or proposal, criminal actions, can place our children in a distressing situation in which they can give a response that put in risk its integrity.

On the other hand, many children lack the slightest awareness of the scope of what is published on the net; just a stroll through Instagram to corroborate the latter. There is a dimension clear of the danger and the threats are many: from harassment, violence, drugs… common sense tells us that it is healthy to be over, at least until they are aware of where to move.

Feel covered

Those of you that are parents will know a classic paradox: sometimes, when reprimes your child have any behavior and castigas, all of a sudden, his character softens and it is even possible to smile why? For something that we all know: a person is forming need to know what their limits are and this maxim is also applicable to the network. A child who knows that their parents check their activity on the network (and in other areas of life) she feels loved and protected. And there’s nothing worse than that false sense of freedom that can have a teenager.

Play in your field: use the technology

Niña mirando teléfono

In our house we were clear that supervisaríamos in part the activity of minors at home and it has been applied. A camera Netatmo with facial recognition alert the entrances and exits of home, and is especially useful when we are not at home or during a night out. In addition, Google Wifi allows us to establish a schedule of wireless network connection at home so that everyone knows that at a certain time, it is just the internet.

Everyone in the house come with a Find my Friends or applications similar in that they share the location in real-time, and this has saved us more than a scare. You may think that it is a kind of prison dictatorial, but in reality it is common sense and supervision, and the dessert is a better solution for all. Fortunately, there are a multitude of solutions, both in regard to the hardware and the software, oriented to the monitoring, and it is highly recommended that you at least consider that.

Autonomy is something that is earned by demonstrating responsibility, and perhaps that of parents is the making of ‘bad cop’ monitoring at all times what is happening on the screens of the phones and iPad for their children. What’s too restrictive? Possibly, but it will always be better than regretting a wrong that you’ll come always too late.

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