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Where to see content in 4K? There are several options for all tastes

dónde ver contenido 4K

Do you want to enjoy and watch content in 4K? There are two very important factors that you must have if you want to do it: a television of last generation and of course, a source or service that offers this quality content… And in this way, today, we want to educate you!

While it is not yet as prevalent as HD content, the flow of content 4K Ultra HD has gone from being a trickle to a steady flow, and in the next few years, his tidal wave will grow even more. Yes: even some contents are only available on certain devices, but this is a problem much smaller than it used to be. There is also the HDR (High Dynamic Range), which offers increased color depth and a contrast-epic, but does not reach all sources.

To save you problems (and work!), we have compiled all of the sources to content 4K Ultra HD in a single place, with details about prices, popular titles and when you can expect more.

Streaming services


Cost: $16 dollars a month for the Premium plan which includes content for Ultra HD.

Requirements: Internet Speed recommended of 25 Mbps or greater; televisions 4K Ultra HD manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Vizio, Philips and Hisense; or a tv 4K Ultra HD compatible, connected to any of the recent models Roku with a capacity of 4K, Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast Ultra, etc

Netflix was one of the first services to stream content to 4K Ultra HD, which took off with the second season of its original series House of Cards. Since then, the content has been in constant growth: all the major series of the original service is now being recorded in 4K, and some in HDR, including the series of Marvel. Netflix also continually adds new 4K movies and impressive documentaries to its library. You can see our selection of the best films and TV series on Netflix (although not all will be in 4K or HDR).

Amazon Instant Video

Cost: The service comes included if you are a Member of Prime costs $120 per year or $13 per month; selected titles for rent start at $8 and the titles for purchase ranging from $20 to $30 dollars.

Requirements: Some tvs 4K Ultra HD from Samsung, LG, Vizio and Panasonic, as well as compatible tvs in 4K Ultra HD as models of Roku and of course the Fire TV 4k

The “free” service from Amazon, which comes with a subscription to Prime, was released with versions 4K Ultra HD of some of their original series such as Mozart in the Jungle, and Transparent , and has since been expanded to include most of their original series, as well as many other tv Series and films. Amazon also transmits many of its original series in HDR, including Jack Ryan in Dolby Vision.

The service also has a rotating assortment of movies 4K Ultra HD as part of your collection Prime; the exact number of titles available varies from month to month. In terms of the selections are not as free, Amazon sells a number of titles in 4K Ultra HD starting at around $20 dollars.


Cost: from $6 dollars to rent, $20 for purchases.

Requirements: the device Apple TV 4K ($180) connected to a tv 4K UHD.

After the launch of the Apple TV 4K, iTunes began to add a selection of content to 4K and HDR to your store. These titles are available for purchase or rent. Find content in the iTunes store is easy: the icons will mark the content as 4K, HDR, and / or Dolby Vision format (HDR patented by Dolby). One of the advantages of iTunes is that the versions 4K titles cost the same as the HD versions, which is cheaper than most other services.


Cost: $10 for rental and $20-$30 dollars per purchase.

Requirements: internet speeds of 10-11 Mbps, and recent models of Roku, LG TV, Vizio or a tv-Nvidia Shield TV and HDCP 2.2, tv compatible with 4K Ultra HD.

The service Vudu , which was acquired in 2010 by Walmart, has come little by little to the terrain 4K Ultra HD. Despite the fact that the service has an option for Ultra HD(called HDX) this is very limited. Released 12 films in the channel of Vudu in 4K through Roku 4. And little by little, it has added new titles or platform, including The Legend of Tarzan, Warcraft , and Star Trek: Beyond.

The streaming HDR via Dolby Vision is available if you’ve used a tv Vizio Reference or the latest from Vizio, the Smartcast series M or P. Some tvs, OLED from LG and UHD have support for streaming in HDR. Some titles are available with sound Dolby Atmos 3D surround, if you have a horn with support for Atmos, and with/v receiver.


Cost: Free. Or $12 a month for subscription to YouTube Premium, as well as from $2 to $15 dollars to rent/buy movies.

Requirements: recommended internet speed of 25 Mbps, a new tv Ultra HD Android TV OS, or tvs of Samsung or LG new. The model Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV and Chromecast Ultra have also support YouTube in 4K. Keep in mind that if your tv comes with a YouTube app, this does not mean it’s going to be in 4K, so you should ask the store before buying the tv.

Thanks to YouTube is to join the open platform, and the proliferation of 4K cameras, YouTube is now one of the best sources of content in 4k ultra HD. You will not find a catalogue of films and series, but yes you will be able to find content in 4K. Best of all, is that this platform is free of charge.


Cost: $1 to $10 per rental.

Requirements: download speed minimum recommended 10 Mbps or higher; available app on certain televisions Samsung HD, Hisense, Vizio and Sony Bravia Ultra HD, models Roku compatible with 4K, Amazon Fire TV or Nvidia Shield TV.

Ultraflix hosts hundreds of hours of documentaries on nature in 4K (including multiple titles originally created for IMAX), dozens of concerts and hundreds of hours of content science fiction, action, comedy and drama, all for rent in blocks of 48 hours.

Playstation Video from Sony (also known as Video Unlimited)

Cost: from $2 for the rental of TV episodes at $8 movies for 24 hours and between $15 and $35 dollars for the purchases.

Requirements: Sony Ultra HD TV or 4K Ultra HD TV with copyright protection, HDCP 2.2, and a PlayStation 4 Pro to playback 4K Ultra HD (although support for other Sony devices, do not have 4K playback). or a media player Sony FMP-X10 4K Ultra HD ($ 500 to 700).

Sony opened up with the content to 4K, and now the service video-on-demand (VOD) from Sony allows for the purchase and rental of around 200 movies and television programs/series television.

Movies can take up around 40 GB of space, and although the rent you will save a lot of space, many titles are only available for purchase. Frankly, the streaming 4K from other services is an option much more convenient. On the other hand, the discharge will result in a video quality slightly higher.

In addition, fortunately, the console PlayStation 4 Pro compatible with 4K supports playback in 4K with access to the PlayStation Video Store, which will allow you to play games and watch movies and TV series in 4K.


Cost: The rental cost from $5 usd (varies according to the title) and the purchase ranges between $20 and $25 dollars.

Requirements: Speed download minimum recommended 10 Mbps; Tvs, Ultra HD, PC, or models Roku with a capacity of 4K connected tvs 4K Ultra HD.

This service was originally known as M-Go, before Fandango buy it and change the name. There are two different methods of viewing 4K available to customers: transmission 4K downloads 4K for owners of certain tvs Samsung 4K Ultra HD-capable storage devices VIDITY.

Google Play Movies and TV

Cost: $5 rentals and between $12 and $25 purchase.

Requirements: internet Connection of 20 Mbps; Chromecast Ultra, Nvidia Shield or model Roku with a capacity of 4K connected to a tv 4K, among other devices of Google.

Google has its own transmission device 4K, the Chromecast Ultra. Although the device will support some of the services mentioned above, Google Play Store has a selection of 4K movies available for purchase or rental. However, this service is not only relegated to the Chromecast Ultra. Any device compatible with 4K that supports Google Play, like Roku Ultra or Nvidia Shield, you can access these movies through the Google Play app.


donde encontrar 4k fubotv logo 720x480

Cost: $45 to $50 per month.

Requirements: Chromecast or FireTV (support for Roku and Apple TV coming soon). Recommended internet speed of 30 Mbps.

In July 2018, FuboTV became the first streaming service of live TV, which offers programming in 4K with HDR. At the beginning, the only programs that took advantage of this increased visual fidelity were the matches of the fifa World Cup 2018, but now the service is also broadcasting some games of football of the NCAA in 4K. While the content in 4K still is limited, the service is equipped to show both Fox as FS1 in 4K HDR10, so you’ll see quite a few live sports making use of these technologies in the future. The service has also said that it will begin to offer entertainment programming (not just sports) in 4K HDR this autumn 2018.

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