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What problems of communication in the CES 2019? Zoi Meet brings the solution

zoi meet app ces 2019

It may have happened any time, or touched you attend a video conference internationally, or went to a congress, and the person who spoke did so in your language, and don’t hear anything.

If so, you’ll know perfectly how bad it feels one pretending to understand something you don’t understand, right? Well, to avoid communication problems, as you may have passed on to someone else during the CES 2019, Zoi Meet has created a simple solution that will be launched in February or march, perhaps even its launch coincides with the Mobile World Congress that will take place in Barcelona at the end of February.

But, what is this solution? Well, through the app of Zoi Meet, everything you say and is recorded through the microphone of your phone may be transcribed into as many languages as you want.

So, for example, we will think that Pink is the policy of a pharmaceutical company and goes on to explain one of the new drugs to a group of employees of the company through video-conferencing. Now, Rosa is fluent in Spanish and one of the workers, although he understands some words, you do not master this language as he was born in England and his mother tongue is English.

Well, Rosa, using the app Zoi Meet and your phone will be able to communicate with your entire team without problems. Thus, employees will be able to see on the tv or monitor in the conference room, through an invitation sent Rose through the app Zoi Meet, everything you say during the video conference will be recorded and transcribed into English and any other language that you want. In this way, no one can say that it does not understand Rosa.

Otherwise, if your boss sends you to a conference outside your country in which you are going to submit a product or prototype fabulous that you need to know, but the person that you are going to talk about this product in question is only known to the chinese, by sending them an invitation through the App Zoi Meet, you’ll be able to read on your phone or other screen all your explanation in English.

In this way, through a simple app and sending out invitations to other devices, the wizard of Zoi Meet, we met and we tried during CES 2019 in Las Vegas, we will provide subtitles or transcripts need for any language-never close doors or provide a barrier.

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