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What frustrated by the new design of Instagram? You are not the only

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A test deployed by mistake on Instagram that left users frustrated and confused, because he created temporarily a news feed that looked more like Stories. On Thursday, the 27th of December, users of the popular social network shared their frustration for the redesign, which requires that you press every one of the publications, in a similar way to what is to be done in Stories, instead of being able to move without problems around the content.

The company apologized, saying that it was assumed that the feature was a test among a small group of accounts, but that was released inadvertently to a more broad-based.

Through this function, Instagram wanted to test an option that makes the news feel more like Stories, where users touch the screen to move through the publications, instead of scrolling through the source. A touch moves each publication individually, while shifting the screen reveals the full text and the comments of the publication. Unlike Stories, the new design does not use the full screen and it still has a similar look, but with a completely different way of navigating.

If only it was a test that was more extensive than planned, users of Instagram have shared his lack of approval for the new design. Some threatened to delete the app, while others noted that there was an ad after every five touches. Others said that the update has squandered more time for each image.

In a tweet, Adam Mosseri of Instagram said that the feature “was supposed to be a test very small, but that was more spacious than we had anticipated.” Since then, the social network has restored the old design, but if you’re still dealing with the problem, you simply close the application and reopen it for the update to take effect.

Interestingly, despite of the reaction, Instagram says that it will continue to test the feature, though users of this platform have been shown to be resistant to major changes, such as when they changed the source in time to one based on algorithms. With the massive negative response to the accidental release, it would not be surprising that Instagram does not bring the feature to more users, and perhaps even decide to disregard it completely.

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