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What about cutting the cable? So you can get an Apple TV 4K free with DirecTV Now

directv now regala apple tv 4k review wide remote 720x720More and more people are considering cutting your cable service to test a transmission platform. If that is your case, DirecTV Now has a great offer: if you commit to a minimum of four months of service for $50 per month, and pay in advance, the company will give away an Apple TV to 4K of 32 GB, with a value of $180 usd. Looking at it another way, you get a value of $200 dollars of transmission of live TV, for only $20 dollars. If you want to take advantage of this offer, you have until April 30 to participate, as long as you are a new subscriber.

DirecTV Now is the response of AT&T products such as Sling TV and Hulu with Live TV, since that is a service of transmission of tv subscription that offers live programming and on-demand via your internet connection existing. Does not require a cable or satellite box, although you do need a transmission device compatible, as the Apple TV 4K. This has become a popular option for those who are planning to get rid of your cable tv subscription, but do not want to leave the familiarity of an on-screen guide and premium channels to which they are accustomed.

At first glance, to offer an Apple TV 4K free feels like a movement of DirecTV Now to increase their numbers of subscribers. In January, we learned that the company had a lousy last quarter of 2018, losing a quarter of a million subscribers during three months. The company blamed in part to the people who had come to the end of your promotional period with discounts, and now were forced to stay and pay the full price or leave.

Now, by giving away an Apple TV 4K, DirecTV Now even you can offer an incentive to valuable to subscribe without reducing the amount that customers pay each month for the service. At the end of a minimum of four months, the people will be able to leave and stay with your Apple TV for free, but it is possible that you do not feel the abrupt change in their monthly bills, as did those who had plans more affordable.

The promotion of Apple TV also makes sense on another level. In march, DirecTV’s Now announced that it was compatible with the experience of the application of TV on the Apple TV, the app all-in-one Apple for videos. This gives new subscribers the choice of seeing them, either by using the free app DirecTV Now or viewing the content from Apple. When Apple launch the renewed experience of their application in TV at the end of this year, it will be an even more compelling view DirecTV Now, what could prevent the subscribers are removed once the end of your commitment.

The only irony here is that, despite the ability of Apple TV to 4K to display content in 4K, HDR, and audio with Dolby Atmos, content from DirecTV Now is currently not available in any of these formats.

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