We’ll show you the best lenses for the computer that you can use

The newspaper and the physical books are already history. Today, we find out what happens in the world and even read our favorite books by means of a computer or tablet. In case outside little, it is very likely that your job eight hours a day is also in front of a computer. Without a doubt, this technological device has become your best friend, and researcher, but also, in the worst enemy of the health of your view. That’s why, below, we will show you a list of the best lenses for the computer that will protect you from the brightness of the screen and the blue light, without compromising your digital lifestyle.

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If you’re looking to grab a pair of reading glasses to use when you work on the computer, why not get a second set as a spare? It is possible that these lenses Truvision do not have a prescription, but its coating anti-reflective will help you to filter the blue light and avoid the computer vision syndrome without having to go to an eye doctor.

If you are already suffering from presbyopia, these reading glasses computer can also help with the blurred vision caused by too much screen time. However, if you are experiencing eye strain while working on your PC, we recommend you to get an eye exam to see what is going on; because it is possible that you need a special recipe.

You can purchase two pairs of these lenses for only $30 dollars on Amazon with one or up to two towels cleaning.


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J + S Vision does a great job of making reading glasses high quality without sacrificing style. Although these lenses have the same yellow tint that you would expect, your eyes do not look busy because of the color. They are also very comfortable to wear, so don’t be surprised if you forget completely that you have them on the face.

If you’re looking for a great pair of reading glasses for the screen of your computer that don’t cost an arm or a leg, these lenses are a great option, as they only cost $25 dollars on Amazon.


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This pair of reading glasses comes with a coating of anti-glare, tint yellow and just the right amount of color. While many of the reading glasses of this type that you find online will be very similar, not all will be so good when you wear them. Any reader with style knows that reading glasses are comfortable is always important.

You can purchase these readers without the prescription of Amazon for $ 13, or take a look at these glasses Felix Gray for even more style.


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These yellow lenses do not only come with everything you need to protect yourself from digital devices, but they also feature a flexible frame and ergonomic. You can choose between different levels of magnification of the lens according to what you need, in order to combat the problems of vision-specific the blue light and eye fatigue.

The coating yellowish of each lens protects each eye, which allows a more comfortable reading on the computer. If you’re someone who reads a lot online, also known as “reader of computer”, these reading glasses are a great way to avoid tiredness.

You can purchase these glasses-the-counter anti-fatigue for only $15 dollars on Amazon, It’s The yellow tint will make you look amazing, do not hesitate for a second!


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These lenses come with all the protection against UV light, brightness and blue light that you would expect from any pair of glasses standard. However, they also seem to have come out of the 1970s. Luckily, the costumes of the 70s have returned to fashion again this year. With multiple levels of magnification, these glasses are great for reading on the computer, on our phone or on any device.

You can purchase these lenses, anti-glare for only $10 on Amazon, just make sure to verify the increase in them before doing so.


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