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We will explain to you what is a convection oven and how to use it

If you need that your food is cooked quickly and evenly, switch to a furnace convection can be a great idea. But if you decide to take the leap you will need to adjust your recipes favorite, since the cooking times will change. To continue having success in your preparations, we will tell you what is a convection oven, how to use it and the dishes more suitable for this type of appliances.

Adjust the temperature

Qué es un horno de convección

The “convection” in microwave ovens refers to the process of heating by air. A convection oven uses traditional methods, but adds a process where the hot air is blown through the cooking dish and ventilated again.

This basically means that your food will be cooked with radiant heat and with the hot air that passes over it, which speeds up the cooking process. But in addition, it offers other advantages: the food tends to cook more evenly and is easier to dorarlos if you’re looking for a delicious crispy crust.

In fact, cooking by convection is so efficient that you’ll have to start by reducing the temperature in your recipes. This saves energy and ensures that the food will cook as you wish. These are three key rules:

  • For cooking times shorter or simplified preparations (such as cookies), reduces the expected temperature at 10-15 percent.
  • For cooking projects that require more time (as a roast), reduces the temperature by up to 30 percent for adequate cooking.
  • If you have doubts, lowers the temperature at 25-30 degrees the temperature you would normally use.

Give the necessary space

Qué es un horno de convección

Given that cooking by convection depends very much on the air, it is important that your kitchen has sufficient air circulation for the oven to do their jobs properly. That is to say, it is not a good idea to saturate with pans. The most convenient is not limited to a plate for a grille, so that the air has enough space to move around.

While it is possible, use pans and dishes under profile for baking. This will allow your food to be more exposed to the circulating air and is cooked properly. Although today the majority of the trays used edges low, if you have some with a high profile, evaluate change to improve the results of the convection.

Set the timer with the least time and check the dish

Qué es un horno de convección

Even with the temperature drops, convection ovens can cook dishes faster than you might expect. To avoid unpleasant surprises, set the timer between 5 and 10 minutes earlier than normal (by adjusting the type of food and tray), especially when you’re doing your first preparations.

When the timer sounds, check food. If it is golden, has a strong sizzle and it seems that it is ready, you may need to reduce the cooking time to prevent drying or scorching.

Foods that work well with the convection

Qué es un horno de convección

Foods that are roasted or caramelizan are ideal for cooking by convection. Many baked goods also work well in these conditions. Used freely the configuration of convection when preparing:

  • Roast ham, turkey, or meat.
  • Roasted vegetables more crispy.
  • Biscuits and muffins (cakes). These small foods defy our rule of “leave a lot of space”, but the current of air can give you a way more curious.
  • Empanadas and pastries.
  • Pans with lids or aluminum foil will help prevent you lose moisture. However, the convection may not be as effective in these cases.
  • Toasted bread or buns.
  • To dry food. A good alternative to fresh your fish, or toasting nuts, if you need to use them as part of other recipes.

You must avoid convection with these foods

You need to those foods which need to cook slowly, especially those that require a consistency very specific.

  • Custard or flan: the surface is delicate and fluffy-these desserts do not have good results in a convection oven.
  • Soufflés: they need to have a cooking carefully controlled, so that a convection oven will end up burning them and will not allow that to go up.
  • Cakes and confectioneries that tend to rise or cook quickly.
  • Baking quick breads. While some cookies and cakes are considered quick breads, we mean those who need to upload but don’t use yeast in traditional, as the loaves of banana, pumpkin or corn. You can cook them in convection ovens, but you need to closely monitor the process.

Sensors and automatic functions

Qué es un horno de convección
Hamilton Beach

The convection ovens modern often have default options, and an option of “cooking by sensor”, or automatic selection of temperature. How should you use them? It all depends on.

The convection ovens allow you to prepare your foods more quickly and efficiently. But if you don’t know what are the dishes most recommended for these devices, in this guide we will explain to you what is a convection oven and how to use it.

When it comes to options of automatic cooking, the best is a probe thermometer. These set precise temperatures of the meat and are available in a growing number of kilns domestic. There are also versions that are sold separately.

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