We will explain to you how to copy and paste on a laptop Chromebook

Yes, we know: when you change a laptop Chromebook already does not want nor to hear speak of another in your day-to-day, especially if you are traveling continuously. But this novelty you will bring some questions about the functioning of Chrome OS. Sooner or later, you will need to -for example – learn how to copy and paste, and this is precisely what we want to show you in the following article.

Mano pulsando teclas de una PC para aprender cómo copiar y pegar

The good news is that you copy and paste on a Chromebook it works much the same way as you do in other operating systems. Learn how to do is fast and easy. We review some of the most common ways of copying and pasting, and how you can do them more efficiently.

Copy a selected text

pagina web con un texto seleccionado y el menú del botón derecho con la opción de copiar

To copy a selected text in a Chromebook is easy. In fact, it is similar to what is done in MacOS and in Windows 10. All you need to do is follow three simple steps.

Step 1: start by selecting the text you want to copy. In the touch panel Chromebook, you can press and hold your finger to create a selection box to highlight the text you want to copy while you move your finger. Everything that is highlighted will be copied. The use of the mouse for this type of selection allows a little more precision and speed.

Step 2: now copy. The fastest way is the keyboard shortcut traditional, which also works on laptops Chromebook. Press the keys Ctrl and C at the same time. This will automatically copy the text and save it until you paste it in another place.

Step 3: go to the place where you want to paste the text and select the area to which the cursor is put there. Then press the keys Ctrl and V at the same time. This will paste the selection. Please note that you may paste several times, because the content will remain stored on your clipboard until you sobrescribas with another copy.

You can also click with the right button to display the same options to copy and paste that above, by holding down the Alt key and clicking with the right button on the touchpad of the Chromebook. It is possible that the format of the text changes a little when you paste or not to copy with the same appearance. There is not much to do about it, except to reformat on the fly, or use a clipboard manager to remove all formatting, so it may be a little better for large projects.

Copy the pictures and video

Ventana del menú con el botón derecho para copiar un vídeo de Youtube

Do you want to copy the photo of your adorable cat? Or how about if you remove and copies that URL that you really want to share? As long as the original source allows you to copy (not all do), this is also a simple process. We’re going to do this!

Step 1: hover the cursor over the photo or video you want to copy and click on it with the right mouse button. On some models of Chromebook, with the touchpad, the right click is done with a two-finger tap. In other models of Chromebook, this can also be done by pressing the Alt key on your keyboard and then right clicking. This requires a bit of practice if you have not tried before but you learn quickly.

Step 2: if you’re copying an image, you’ll see options to copy the image or copy the image address. The URL is useful for certain tasks of coding or publication, but, generally, what you want is to copy the image itself to transfer the content.

Step 3: if you are copying a video, you’ll see options to copy the URL of the video and probably also copy the embed code. Choose the one that suits you. Both the URL as the embed code can be used to copy a video link in another place. To paste a video into a sequence of chat or other occasional use, you only need the URL.

Step 4: go to the place where you want to paste the content, place the cursor there with a touch and press the keys Ctrl and V at the same time. This will copy the image or the associated address.

Keep in mind that if you’re clicking on a thumbnail or on a linked image, you will only see an option to copy the address of the link. This will give you a link to the web page in which is located the image or the video. Go to that web page if you want an option more direct.

Copy an entire web page

If you need to copy everything that is on a web page in particular, so is how it is done! Once more, it is very simple, you only need to give three simple steps.

Step 1: click on a neutral side of the web page that you want to copy, where it will not highlight or select anything, and press Ctrl and at the same time. This will select everything on the page.

Step 2: without clicking, press the keys Ctrl and C to copy everything selected.

Step 3: move the cursor to the area where you want to paste this information, and then press Ctrl and V.

Please note that this will copy everything, including the headers and buttons and other elements of web content, but not necessarily with the design intact, it can seem… very rare. If you want to have a complete picture of the web site, it is best to use the function of screen capture.

Bonus: Copy and paste with extensions

Menú con el botón derecho para instalar una extensión para copiar y pegar

Once you feel comfortable with your Chromebook, you may want to take a look at several extensions that facilitate the copying and pasting advanced. There are many add-ons targeted to specific tasks: examples include one that is designed to make it easier to be copied with Office Online. There are even extensions that speed up the monotonous task of copy and paste, how to copy rows in ADP or copy lists of Amazon for other programs. If you have a project copied more complicated, you find it in the Chrome web store to see what you find!

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