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We discovered some hidden tricks of iPhone and teach you to use them

A product can be available for many years in the market, but it is always possible to find unknown functions and quite practical. In Digital Trends in Spanish dug up some of the hidden tricks of iPhone that you can do with the built-in applications Notes, Calculator and Clock on iOS.

If you have iOS 13 on your device, you have a number of great features that you can explore, but also you must take care of their most frequent problems. We tell you what are these tricks that are well worth knowing.

Scans documents with Notes

If you need to scan a document, such as the registration of your car, a receipt or a number of series, the most common option is to pull out your phone and take a photo. However, what is more likely is that the image you get is a blurred, ill-focused and that hardly you will be able to print.

An alternative is to use a scanning application. In the App Store of iOS are some and other payment, but find one that suits your needs can take time. You should choose one that you like, that is easy to use and don’t fill with ads. Fortunately, the solution is available on your iPhone with the Notes, the application that identify with an icon that resembles a sheet of notes yellow.

Here we will show you how to scan using Notes:

  • Opens the Notes application from the home screen.
  • Opens a new note and tap the camera icon, located above the keyboard.
  • Tap to Scan a document from the list of options.
  • With the camera open, points to the document that you want to scan.
  • You will notice that the application highlighted in yellow throughout the document or part of it.
  • You can automatically capture the image, or touch the white button to start the scan.
  • Then you can adjust the margins or edit the content, depending on what you need.
  • Save the document to share it as an email, message, or insert it in another document.
  • The function of scanner is quite smart. Instead of capturing the entire document, it is able to automatically identify the parts that you probably don’t want to scan.

Correct numbers in the calculator

Are you taking account of your final expenses and suddenly you realize that you enter wrong numbers you will get wrong result. Don’t worry. With the Calculator application, it is easy to make adjustments without the need of starting from scratch.

To remove an error, or even several, simply swipe to the left on the numeric display and you can change the incorrect number. You can perform this procedure as many times as you need and continue with your work.

Trucos ocultos de iPhone | Calculadora
Another of the hidden tricks of iPhone is to activate a scientific calculator by simply rotating your phone.

If you rotate your iPhone in landscape orientation, the application displays an elaborate version of scientific calculator, in case you need more functions.

Follow your dream with Clock

Trucos ocultos de iPhone | Reloj
The Time for Sleep is another of the hidden tricks of iPhone.

The iOS system does not have a feature that allows it to measure the deep sleep (REM, for its acronym in English), light, or the frequency with which you move your eyelids. However, the Time of sleep it is possible to help you to control the timings of break and track progress to get the amount you need. You can even remind you when it is about bedtime.

  • To configure it, open the Clock app and tap the tab Hour of sleep, located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Start, answer these three questions date and time and tap Save.
  • You choose the time you want to wake up, what days you wish to monitor or configure the alarm, the hours you want to sleep, the schedule reminder to go to bed and the sound that you prefer. You can change these settings at any time.
  • Tap the tab Hour of sleep and scroll down to dream Analysis, which allows you to see your history of sleep.
  • The data of sleep Time are automatically displayed in the application Health Category of health> Sleep> sleep Analysis, so that you can easily follow your progress.
  • Don’t try to trick the app! If you check your Twitter feed after the start of the hours you should be sleeping, your iPhone will not count that time. So put your phone on the night table and only worry about rest.

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