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We chose our favorite articles of 2018 : what do you look like?

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Will the 2018 and in Digital Trends in Spanish we just want to stay with the best. It was a year quite moved, the truth, and left us hundreds of news on politics, sports, economy, and of course, technology, that which summons us here on a daily basis.

It was the year of the iPhones Xs, Xs Max and Xr, the year of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, the year of the Pixel 3, the Apple Watch Series 4, just to mention some of the new “toys” that we know.

The year that broke out the problems (and terminal?) of Facebook. The year in which the problems of Huawei with the US authorities were much more than rhetoric.

2018 was the year of the World Russia, of course: the world of the ball with microchip incorporated and the global debut of the VAR at the official level. Vive la France!, by the way.

2018 was the year in which Elon Musk once more spoke more than necessary. The year of Meghan Markle, Demi Lovato. Ah: and of Bohemian Rhapsody and the very welcome “resurrection of Freddie Mercury…

In Digital Trends in Spanish we went to trade Fairs, Congresses and Presentations by lot. We tried many devices, we play, we drive cars that almost always we liked. We also had the luck to interview unique people that showed us that we can always learn new things.

Our peers have chosen their favorite notes of this 2018 that it leaves us, and we want to share them –once more– with you. Very happy new year, and thank you for always being there, watching us!

The Stadiums of the World – by Daniel Matus

articulos favoritos del 2018 russia world cup stadium getty images 720x720

Every four year, the world comes to a standstill during a month to attend with the excitement of the festival of sport more beautiful in the world. This 2018 –and despite the fact that there were not a few skeptics– Russia was at the height, and organized a sports event for a first level in a few stadiums that you began to know Digital Trends in Spanish.

Lee Temples of passion: the stadiums of the fifa World Cup Russia 2018

Bringing the Internet to all the locations – by Stephanie Oliver

articulos favoritos del 2018 microsoft tech spark kids using computer 1200x9999

We are so used to Internet that we take its existence almost for granted, like running water or electricity. And is that, in reality, what you could live without any of these things? We may possibly not, but still today there are many communities –within the USA– that do not have access to the network. In this interview we knew as Microsoft and their project Techspark working to bring this technology to those who do not yet have.

Lee can You live without internet? Microsoft has been the technology to the areas with the lowest resources

Samsung launches the war of ecosystems – by John Garcia

articulos favoritos del 2018 samsung unpacked galaxy home lined up 720x720

The market for phone –like the automotive, computer and appliances– is so saturated with good products that would be unforgivable for a large manufacturer to throw just “one more product”. And is that no longer serves us to just have a good camera, a powerful processor or a screen Ultra HD. The future (or already present?) it consists of an ecosystem of products interconnected to each other, and anyone who doesn’t understand this surely will lose the war. Your phone, your car, your tv, and refrigerator happen to be parts of a whole technological, connected and intelligent, and in which Samsung has a clear advantage.

Read The war of the ecosystems has begun, and Samsung is the leader

The mexican after the monster of the Stranger Things – by Milenka Peña

articulos favoritos del 2018 strangerthings sm 9 800x534 c

The presence of mexican film industry first level is from years ago to something recurring, but not leaving us to admire the talent of people such as Miguel “Mike” Elizalde, whose company special effects Spectial Forces, has created creatures so poignant and current as the monster Demogorgon of Stranger Things, and Robot, the character completely reimaginado in the cosmic drama Lost in Space. Digital Trends in Spanish had the opportunity to talk with him exclusively.

Read How a mexican artist gives life to the creatures of ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Lost in Space’

What’s in it for Me LTE or GPS? – by Jose Mendiola

articulos favoritos del 2018 apple watch series 4 review 7 720x720

Then came the Apple Watch Series 4, and all of them seem concerned to choose the color, size and model of strap. But there is another decision that you have to take, and is to buy a model LTE or GPS. What is that you do not know what is the difference? Because it’s the only we tell you that the first of them allows you to greater freedom, and may even dispense with carrying your phone in certain occasions. There are more, of course, and this delightful article of our colleague José Mendiola will clarify all your doubts.

Read What Apple Watch should I choose? Do LTE, or GPS?

Duel camera: Note 9 v/s Pixel 3 – by Maria Lopes

articulos favoritos del 2018 foto 4 selfie normal pixel 3 720x720

This 2018 brought us the logic of renewal of the “flagship” of all manufacturers of mobile phones, giving consumers a wide variety of options, for extensive, can be confusing and make it very difficult decision. The followers of Android will be seen this 2018 especially overwhelmed by the amount of new phones, and to compare the performance of their cameras can be of great help to decide. In this case, among the “heavyweights” of Samsung and Google: the Galaxy Note 9 v/s Pixel 3.

Read Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note 9: comparing their cameras, and only one is the winner

Playing with Aibo, the puppy-robot of Sony – by Juliana Jara

articulos favoritos del 2018 aibo the robodog 27 800x534 c

What will replace the robots to the humans one day? Common sense tells us that yes… with nuances, of course. Without doubt, there will be a wide scope of functions (works, services), in which robots will gain prominence and displacing the human. And what about the pets? Ah… good question, since the “function” of them is joining us, and create emotional bonds that, at the moment, it is not clear that we can keep up with the robots. Until now. Sony are convinced that a pet-robot can be just as (and more) endearing than a flesh-and-bone. What is, really? Find out with Juliana Jara in the following note.

Lee Aibo, the dog robot from Sony is an adorable puppy

A young american is rife in Formula 1 virtual – by Juan José Castillo

articulos favoritos del 2018 fabrizio donoso 05 720x720

Like Sergio Pérez, Fabrizio Donoso is the only american in Formula 1. Like the mexican, the chilean runs for the team Force India. But, unlike “Czech”, the 19-year-old who lives in Switzerland is a pilot virtual and was runner-up in the first season of the promising F1 Esports Series. xDigital Trednds in Spanish had the opportunity to interview him, and this was what he told us.

Read Interview with Fabrizio Donoso, the only american in Formula 1 virtual

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