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Use these accessories to enjoy the Super Bowl at home

Already started the countdown to the great and long-awaited game of the Super Bowl. And if you don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the game live and direct, you can use dozens of accessories to enjoy the Super Bowl from home, but feeling that you’re in some of the stands of the stadium. Without a doubt, this is one of the most anticipated games by the fans and fans of sports and for those who like to witness an event full of much originality and colorful (although you don’t know sports). That is why we have made this special guide for you to know all these accessories to enjoy the Super Bowl even more.

Are you ready to know what it is?

The helmet of the NFL

accesorios casa super bowl snack helmet 720x720

When it comes to a party, your potatoes need a better home that the bag in which they come. This helmet is the perfect place to keep your potato chips, snacks and even salsa. If you really want to improve your game with some play in it, this helmet is the perfect container for you.

You can get it at Amazon for just $50 dollars.


Bottle opener magnetic Bruntmor

accesorios casa super bowl bottle opener 3 720x720

Whether you’re getting ready for the big game, or you just love to grab a drink after a long day of work, this bottle opener magnetic is perfect for you. You can mount it on your refrigerator or screw it on the wall. In addition, you can get it for only $25 dollars on Amazon.


A chocolate fountain 3-tier

fuente de chocolate

What could be more delicious than a chocolate fountain? Imagine having your friends and family and introduce them to a waterfall literal chocolate. Quite magical and even elegant, right?

If you want this machine for this special day and also for utilziarla for other important events, you can buy it for only $45 dollars on Amazon. Oh and don’t forget to click on a gift coupon of $5 dollars before you buy it. Every dollar counts!


Coasters stainless steel NFL

accesorios casa super bowl eagles coasters 720x720

Protect a coffee table from wood is just as important to protect our face or body. Without a good defensive line between your beer and the table, you will have difficult to keep the wood intact. But you can always opt for a package of 4 coasters in the NFL for only $25 and choose your favorite team.


The CouchCoaster


Let’s be honest. Many times we have a large table in our living room of the house to place our drinks while we watch television, but the truth is that we don’t want to take off our eyes of the screen and it seems pretty annoying to have to move to pick up our drink.

But don’t worry! because now thanks to the CouchCoaster that will be problem solved. This accessory is so peculiar to the couch has a hole perfect to accommodate any cup or can of your favorite beverage, and so only need to move your arm a little to get it. It is this easy!

If you want to get a CouchCoaster you can buy it on Amazon for only $25 dollars.


A toaster retro hot dogs

perros calientes maquina

Do you want to please your guests with an easy meal and delicious? Then the best option is to make some hot dogs. However, when you’re having fun at home what they least want to do is cook, but don’t worry, because we have found a technological gadget that they can do for you.

Currently there is a toaster specialist who will make your hot dogs for you and your friends and so you don’t have to worry about in turn on the grill of your house to make them, or be constantly vigilant that you do not burn. If you like to have made with this toaster retro, you can acquire this appliance for only $15 dollars on Amazon.


Insulators made of stainless steel for drinks


Without a doubt, no one should have to go through the cumbersome time of having to take a warm beer. Each time that you start to take a game or refreshing drink, the only thing that you want is that every sip you take is more cold than the previous one. But the truth that it is almost impossible with the cans normal.

However, in the present, that is not a problem. Thanks to the insulating beverage made from stainless steel and you will be able to keep these cans colder than ever, for a long time.

Do you animarías to buy them?

If you want to try it out and enjoy your drink cold for a longer time you can buy a package of four isolators drinks for only $25 or purchase them individually for $8 dollars.



Mini beer keg

barril de cerveza

Despite the fact that many times we would like to not one, but up to three barrels of beer for your friends to celebrate the life or the Super Bowl in your home, unfortunately you can not always.

But, don’t worry about that, because currently in the market there is a small accessory that will allow you to protect your favorite beer or home without complications.

You only have to fill this container with your beer, put a CO2 cartridge and start to pour it is this easy!

If you want this barrel of beer so unique and original and you can buy it on Amazon for only $100 dollars And get the party started!


*Article updated on February 2, 2019 by Estefania Oliver.

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