Twitter launches the app’s experimental “Twttr” and it becomes more popular than the real

app experimental twttr twitterTwitter launched an experimental application called “Twttr” a month ago, as a way to test new features amongst the regular users of social networks. As in every trial, the participants ‘ comments have a great influence on the capacity of use, as the most popular innovations will be transferred to the main application. However, it turns out that the experimental application became a resounding success among those who tried, in such a way that the prefer to the app original.

A tweet published this week by Sara Haider, Director of Product Management of Twitter, said that the initial reactions suggest that the majority of those who use Twttr prefer the new app to compare the primary application of Twitter, and that many of the functions that are being tested currently are extremely popular among the participants.

These functions include the removal of the buttons of participation in the conversation threads, which provides a design less cluttered. In contrast, to receive a response in a conversation, you must perform a sliding gesture from right to left, while touching the screen shows the retweet and answer buttons.

Twttr is also testing a label of “author” to indicate the original post in a thread, as well as a label of “next”, which shows you when someone you follow writes a response to your original post.

To do that Twttr is a little more comfortable to use for the participants of the program, some functions even come directly delegated from the main application of Twitter, as the dark mode and the enhanced functionality for the camera mode.


Anyone interested in trying Twttr may still apply to join the program, but takes into account that expected that you use it as your primary application of Twitter. In that case, get ready for some frustrations on the way, as any new feature will be a work in progress and, therefore, may have errors.

You will also be prompted that you provide to Twitter comments honest and regular on the functions that you’re going to try, and also let you share your experiences and post screenshots in the main application, a practice that will allow designers to assess the opinions of a broader base of users.

You must keep in mind that it is possible that many of the functions tested in Twttr never see the light of day; it really depends on how responsive participants are to the innovations that are found in the test application, and if Twitter believes they can be incorporated effectively to your service.

The main idea is that the developers of the application will be able to discover what works best, without interrupting regular users with frequent changes in the design of Twitter. That way, only added new functions to the main application when the company are confident that will be accepted by the majority of its users.

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