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To that you do not know what material is made your next Pixel or horn, of Google

productos google materiales reciclados made by 1Google wants to ensure that their impact on the environment is a little less harmful. The company has announced that all products Made by Google will use sustainable materials to 2022, such as metals derived from obsolete products, or even plastic bottles. In other words, the phones Pixel, the horns of Google Home, cameras and doorbells Nest will be built with recycled components.

According to a report from Fast Company, the company claims that it has already begun to use recycled plastic in devices Chromecast, as well as the cloth cover on the horns of Google Home, which -if you didn’t know – is made of recycled bottles of plastic. Although Google says it will use recycled materials in all their products, that does not mean that you will build a complete product using only sustainable, but that these will complement their current production.

The measure is not entirely new in the technology industry. Apple now builds the bodies of aluminum for its MacBook Air and Mac Mini with aluminum absolutely recycled. The company has even built a robot named Daisy that disassembles the iPhone, and separates the recyclable materials for use in future pieces. Able to identify nine different versions of the iPhone, Daisy can disarm 200 phones per hour, eliminating and sorting the materials without damaging them in the process. The remarkable machine is a more advanced version of Liam, a robot presented two years ago by Apple to perform the same task. For its part, Samsung has also promised to be more respectful with the environment, and promised to use sustainable materials in the packaging of their products.

The use of recyclable materials was not the only promise of Google. The company also said that it would make all their submissions were neutral in carbon emissions by 2020. The work on this has already begun, as indicated by a report from Fast Company. Anna Meegan, director of sustainability of hardware of Google, commented that the team reduced its emissions by a considerable 40 per cent just by changing from air shipments to shipments of cargo by land.

Google has a recycling program for customers, so if you have a device that is no longer needed, the company will send you a shipping label free of charge for you to send those products. Currently, it is only available in the united States

Technology companies have a long way to go before being truly ecological, but with measures like this by firms like Google, Apple and Samsung continue taking steps to have a lower impact on the planet.

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