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Tired of passwords? Your footprint will now be enough for Google

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If you use the services of Google through your Android and you are tired of being by entering, losing and resetting passwords, we have good news: Google will now allow users of version 7 or later of its operating system using your fingerprint or your screen unlock pattern to gain access to some of its services.

From today you can access this mode through the password manager of the company. There, Google will ask you to confirm your identity through the fingerprint sensor of your phone. It is possible to choose the method you prefer: your fingerprint, your unlock pattern or a password.

Initially this mode will only be available for certain devices selected, but within a few days anyone who has an Android phone 7.0 or later will have access to.

Google emphasizes that the fingerprints are not sent to their servers; the fingerprint is stored on your phone, and only a cryptographic proof is sent to the Google servers.

If your phone has Android 7.0 (Nougat) or a later version, you use your Google account on it and you have a screen lock method is valid, you can test the new system this way:

  • Open the application in Chrome on your Android device
  • Go to
  • Choose a service or manages a password
  • Follow the instructions to confirm that you

These improvements are possible thanks to the use of the standard authentication FIDO2, and one of the reasons why it is safer is that now your access credentials will be stored on your device and won’t get out of there. Much has been spoken in recent times about the future free of passwords, and this measure announced today by Google in a blog post would seem to indicate that we are closer than ever.

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