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This is how it works the augmented reality in the new banknotes mexican

billetes mexicanos realidad aumentada mexico
Aron Covaliu – Digital Trends

In Mexico, things tend to be more than what they appear at first glance. A container disposed you can continue your life as a part of functional replacement of a self, a conversation between friends can have a meaning of double meaning or the same few ingredients can be transformed in a multitude of dishes, all different. The mexican has always been proud of their ingenuity and their creativity and, in the most recent example in this country has found a way to do more things with tickets.

We do not speak of purchasing power, but that of augmented reality, with illustrations, historical and animals of natural reserves of this country come to life in front of your eyes.

Recently, Arturo Herrera, Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Government of Mexico, invited to the citizenship through your Twitter account to download the application BilletesMX to discover what happens when you place the camera of your phone or tablet on the new bills of $200 and $500 mexican pesos. And in Digital Trends that was precisely what we did.

Coming to life before your eyes

The tickets are $500 pesos circulate from around a year ago, while the $200 pesos were released on September 2, 2019, just in time to celebrate the independence of Mexico –the most important date of the national schedule– the 16 of September.

billetes mexicanos realidad aumentada campana

Through augmented reality, we can see and hear the famous Bell of Dolores, a symbol of the independence par excellence, on the ticket of $200 pesos. On the back, on the side dedicated to the natural reserves, we can appreciate the majestic flight of an eagle.

billetes mexicanos realidad aumentada guila

If we take a look at the $500 pesos you will find a chariot in full ride of triumph, which allegedly transported to Benito Juarez between applause, cheers and even confetti. Juarez was president between 1858 and 1872, and is a character outstanding in the history of the country. On the other hand, in an interesting contrast, a few whales swim peacefully in a virtual ocean.

billetes mexicanos realidad aumentada mexico
Aron Covaliu – Digital Trends

Elements of security

Although in some media it has been mentioned that this application serves to verify that the paper currency is not false, what is true is that this assertion is not correct. In fact, when using the augmented reality, a text that will clarifies in large white letters: “The augmented reality does not ensure the authenticity of the ticket”.

What you can do is to learn what are the elements of security and that is achieved by touching a small icon of a padlock that appears on every one of them. When pressed, you’ll see how the fragment that contains an element of security rises and floats, while on one side of the screen appears a text with the respective explanation. If you want to go back to the animation (the “artistic mode” as referred to as the app) you just need to touch the icon that represents a brush.

billetes mexicanos realidad aumentada seguridad

And if the augmented reality aroused your curiosity and you want to know more about the new banknotes, you can click on the image of the tickets that are in the home screen in the app to zoom in to different areas and read their descriptions. The application even tries to help you feel the texture of the areas that have reliefs are sensitive to touch, making your device to vibrate when you slide your finger over them, a function that is slightly confusing, but certainly creative.

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