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This is all you need to know about the iPhone 2, Apple

iPhone SE 2 de Apple

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 are two of the best phones on the market, but they are also quite expensive and large. Fortunately, Apple also offers a smaller device and lower cost called the iPhone. Launched in 2016, IS needed since an update, and recent reports indicate that Apple is finally working on it. So, we have compiled all the information you need to know about the iPhone 2.

The last thing

Apple might be developing two versions of the expected iPhone 2. So I say the blog japanese MacOtakara based on providers of the firm of Cupertino present at the fair CES 2020.

It would be a question of editions refurbished iPhone 8, a with Face ID and another with Touch ID, both with a screen of 5.4 inches.

“A screen of 5.4 inches would be a noticeable improvement on the predecessor of the iPhone IS 2, since both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 showed LCD screens of 4.7 inches,” recalled the site Appleinsider.

According to the sources cited by the middle japanese, the larger screen will be possible, thanks to the release of space that will involve the removal of the bezels of the areas top and bottom of the phone.

Another novelty would be a rear camera “much larger” than the iPhone’s 8, plus a flash True Tone.


The rumors about the iPhone affordable always refer to the team as iPhone 2, however, is gaining strength the idea that it could be called iPhone 9. The leaker @OnLeaks, to share the “first look” on how to look the cell, it is the latter that has sown doubt about the name of this.

To be placed between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, it is speculated that Apple would choose to launch it, the next spring, as iPhone 9.

Final finish

According to the latest report from @OnLeaks, the iPhone 2 or 9 would be more close to the iPhone 8, only with the processor A13 Bionic, and it would put frosted glass and the Apple logo (centered) on the back. He would not reach the finish of the iPhone X or later models, in which the screen covers almost the entire front, with the exception of the area where it is placed Face ID, the advanced facial recognition technology of the californian company.


The iPhone 2 would exit the market with a price that would get started in $399 dollars, according to Ming-Chi Kuo and so-and as reflected on MacRumors. That is to say, if these rumors are true, the iPhone 2 will cost the same as the iPhone original, released den 2016.

The analyst, Apple ensures that this phone will come with the chip A13 of the iPhone 11, 3 GB of RAM and will launch in the first quarter of 2020.

In terms of its internal memory, Ming-Chi Kuo speaking, there are two options: 64 GB or 128 GB.

On the other hand, the iPhone 2 would be available in three colors: red, silver and gray.


Despite the fact that Apple seemed a little reluctant to the existence of an iPhone updated called iPhone 2, the speculations about the release date of this phone are everywhere.

Is more, the web page of Slickwraps confirms, not only that the phone exists, but, in addition, is on the way.

Although, at this point, any hint of a release date is an educated guess in the best of cases.

The rumors more recent a technology blog japanese suggested that we would not see iPhone 2 until Apple threw all its new devices in September.

To add more confusion to the mix, another rumor from The China Economic Daily speculated that the iPhone would be manufactured in India and launched in July, something that now seems unlikely.

The truth is that, with all the rumors provided until now, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Apple plans to launch the iPhone 2.

However, the French website Consomac reported in early 2018 on a regulatory submission before the Commission, Eurasian Economic (EEC) on the Apple certified 11 new model numbers of iPhone that have iOS 11, and may be different variants of the next iPhone IS 2.

In terms of prices, now there is very little information apart from a publication of The China Economic Daily that indicates that the phone would cost $450 dollars, the same price that is set for the iPhone IS original in 2016.


The rumors about the next iPhone IS 2 are on all sides, with multiple “leaks” envelopes its possible redesign or not. More recent information about the IS 2 come from the retailer Mobile Fun, which show a redesign to the style of the iPhone X.

This filtration is backed up with rendered images of a screen protector Olixar for the iPhone 2, as well as images, CAD purporting to show the dimensions of the phone.

However, it is worth noting that the renders are not exactly difficult to do, and neither are the CAD designs for screen protectors.

Often, these designs are “filtered” based on rumors more prominent and may not necessarily be links to leaks genuine, from official sources.

In fact, the statements of Ben Geskin suggest that the design remains practically the same.

Meanwhile, other rumors suggest that the new iPhone IS 2 it would keep the button, Touch ID, and that the back panel would be a change to glass instead of the metal original WAS, which would put it in line with the other iPhones recent.

Although we were not sure about the addition of wireless charging to the iPhone 2, 9to5Mac reports that the feature will be included in the next phone economic of Apple.

The possible leaked images of the iPhone 2, 9to5Mac also show that the phone would retain its headphone jack of 3.5 mm, thus contradicting other rumors.


According to a leak from chinese website Weibo, the new iPhone IS 2 and other models of iPhone that will be launched this year and during the 2019 will come with different ports. Although don’t you think that finally Apple has decided to join the wave of ports USB type C on the phones. Are the adapters the chargers that will have the port. The phone as such would continue taking the port Lightning.

This means that the load time will improve for the phone, as that would be a technology that is going to be used for fast charging.


Digitimespredicts that the iPhone 2 will have a glass back to support wireless charging, but will not have detection capabilities 3D.

Tekz24 also reports that the phone will come with wireless charging, and adds that the phone could have a chip A10 Fusion of Apple, 2 GB of RAM and options for 32 GB or 128 GB of storage.

The inclusion of the chip A10 has also been supported by Macotakara, so it is very likely that we will see this processor. According to reports, the rear camera will have 12 megapixels, while the front camera will take 5 megapixel.

*Article updated on January 14, 2020 with rumors about two versions

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