These are the best terror games of all time

Some people like to be scared, and even seek it out through different forms of entertainment. For those who love the excitement of the terror, video games are a fairly effective experience it, and for them we have made a selection of the best terror games of all time. What is certain is that the games have become more and more terrifying as the graphics have evolved. From iconic franchise to chilling terrors indies, should not always be crimes and blood to feel dread. Sometimes a scenario solo, a closed door or a city devastated enough and to spare.

Resident Evil 7

PS4, PSVR, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows

juegos de terror

A return to the roots of the series, Resident Evil 7 is leaving the game fast paced action of the last few years to focus on an approach that is more methodical. And the result is something really scary.

Ethan Winters gets a message that his wife, Mia —that was supposed to be dead for years— may still be alive. When you get to the rural area of Louisiana, Ethan ends up trapped by the manic and incredibly persistent Baker family. From Jack Baker, the patriarch (who has a strange resemblance to Walter White of Breaking Bad) to Marguerite and his son, Luke, each member of the family Baker is a real danger for Ethan.

Like the first games of Resident Evil, the bullets are few and far between, but there are jumps in the pure fear on all parties. The slowness of the game and the dark atmosphere created a harrowing experience from beginning to end. Fits perfectly in the systems of mind control and experimentation that are seen throughout the series, but Resident Evil 7 is also a return to their iconic shape more early.

If you really want to be scared, you try to play with Playstation VR.


Layers of Fear

PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Linux, Mac

juegos de terror

A surprisingly successful indie of 2016 developer Bloober Team, Layers of Fear, puts players in the role of an ambitious painter working on his masterpiece. The game takes place in a lavish victorian mansion, and sees the artist adding a new layer to the painting after the end of each chapter. To finish the painting quickly it seems to be something secondary in comparison with the psychological state of the artist.

Throughout the first-person experience, players are exposed to hallucinations of his disturbing past. Reflecting the style of P. T., the main source of fear of Layers of Fear comes from environments in constant change. A wall that was previously empty, suddenly has a door with a beam of light coming out a crack in the. While it could be classified as a simulator —as there is no direct combat— the players interact with objects to solve puzzles and make the room change. From walls melted to portraits in constant change, passing by mysterious ghosts, Layers of Fear surprised him throughout his brief, but masterful journey.


Outlast 2

PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac

juegos terror best horror games outlast 2 720x720

Surpassing its predecessor, Outlast 2 is perhaps the game more difficult to withstand in this list. Situations grotesque and vile that you find throughout the game can even discourage some, including those who truly enjoy the genre.

At the beginning, the journalist Blake Langermann and his wife are heading to a remote area of Arizona, where mysteriously appeared in the body of a pregnant woman next to a road. The cause of death is unknown, and it makes no sense that he died there. What starts as an investigation, it quickly becomes a fight for survival.

Blake and Lynn are attracting the attention of a local cult, maddened by sex and vice. Just like Outlast, you can’t defend yourself. In addition to the limited-time events fast, you just have to run and hide. And you have to do both things well, unless you want Blake to suffer a brutal death, and tortuous. Without going into details, let’s say that Outlast 2 is not for players squeamish or sensitive.


Dead Space

PS3, Xbox 360, Windows

juegos terror best horror games dead space 720x720

Dead Space has been and continues to be special, as it managed the rare feat of being simultaneously a game full of action and deeply disturbing. Launched with a worldwide success in 2008, Dead Space remains one of the brightest jewels of the era of the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3.

You play as Isaac Clarke, a systems engineer manager to make his way through a mining boat which has been invaded by aliens. The human that previously occupied the ship have become devastating and terrifying creatures, dubbed Necromorphs. The game consists in tearing down these creatures limb from limb with weapons and gadgets of high technology. But you never know when you are going out of the aisles exposed or may slide from the roof. The ship destroyed is full of tension, atmospheric, and the loneliness of Isaac amplifies the sense of fear.

Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 gradually change, giving you more action and less horror, but the excellent combination of the original action and intrigue make her stand out as the game’s most terrifying-of the franchise.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac, Linux

juegos terror best horror games amnesia dark descent 720x720

Original Frictional Games, the team behind the series, Penumbra, Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010) was consolidated as a unique brand of adventure horror first-person, creating a phenomenon among the game developers of horror and fans of the game indie.

Set in 1839, a young londoner named Daniel wakes up in castle Brennenburg in Prussia. Is confused, without knowing anything more than his name and must flee desperately from something that haunts him. His lack of memory, according to a note he wrote, has imposed on itself for its own sake. So begins the adventure winding that rotates with each room that Daniel visit on the huge castle.

On the way, Daniel is with creatures totally threatening calls gatherers (foragers), who —like many creatures of terror games— were once human. Daniel can only run or hide from these beings, horrific. The danger lurks everywhere, even though Amnesia is terrifying especially when you think that you’re safe. Unravel the mystery of the past of Daniel and the castle itself is a journey that will keep you awake until very late in the night, maybe even after you’ve stopped playing.



PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac, Linux

juegos terror best horror games soma 720x720

In Frictional Games have become masters at the time of eliciting the cries of the players. In 2015, a system called the SOMA controls a man —Simon Jarrett— the which he suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car accident.

As a result, you agree to be part of the experimental research of Mr. Munshi to reverse the damage. However, during his brain scan, He apparently loses consciousness and wakes up in a desolate research center located in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. To further complicate things, is in the year 2104, nearly 80 years since his brain scans. And what is worse, all human life was eradicated by a comet the previous year. The PATHOS-II, where it wakes up, it was the last place where human life was considered safe. But it seems to be alone, then… What happened?

SOMA continues the tradition of Frictional Games to use a narrator that is unknown to cause a great and terrifying mystery. More than Amnesia, SOMA emphasizes the horror is psychological, with every dark creature representing some form of emotional trauma. The game largely depends on its atmosphere, which is intensified even more by using voice recordings, written notes and marine environment, cloudy. The game manages to take you to your world and make you feel as if you were living the deep inner struggle of Simon. This is a different kind of horror experience, one that sticks to your mind and does not let go.


Silent Hill 2

PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Windows

juegos terror best horror games amnesia silent hill 720x720

The franchise of Silent Hill is, along with Resident Evil, a pioneer of the genre. While the first three games of Silent Hill could be considered classic horror, Silent Hill 2 surpasses the others. Although it is not a direct successor of the original, Silent Hill 2 comes back to the sad town of the same name. The wife of James Sunderland died three years ago, or, at least, that’s what he thought. After receiving a letter asking you to meet with her in a special place (Silent Hill), he embarks on a journey that takes many turns, disturbing. (Note how your setting reflects that of Resident Evil 7).

While James runs through the city, Silent Hill quickly turns into a dreamy landscape maddening, full of monsters and disturbances disturbing. What makes the games of Silent Hill stand out –and, particularly, Silent Hill 2– are the psychological elements designed to alter the mind of the player. Very often, what James sees is simply a manifestation of his crumbling mind. And while all the games on this list are worthy of being played more than once, Silent Hill 2 has a large number of underlying themes, references to literature and movies, and enough subtext to make that your second game is even better than the first.


Alien: Isolation

Ps4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, Mac, Linux

juegos terror best horror games alien isolation 720x720

Many players have a love/hate very intense with Alien: Isolation. It is a game of horror, science fiction methodical and slow, which assumes the premise to focus on a single alien creature throughout his long adventure, it all up to the player to feel incredibly vulnerable and isolated.

15 years after the original movie of 1979, he says in Amanda Ripley (the daughter of Ellen Ripley) with the recorder of flight of the famous Nostromo is on a space station remote. Amanda decides to look at the recorder with the hope of listening to the last words of his mother before he died. In the course of the adventure of almost 20 hours, Amanda will kill human and robot enemies, but here is the crux of the matter: Alien: Isolation really revolves around an alien that you cannot kill, no matter what you do or how much you want.

That alien is scary. Of course, you can run and hide, but you can be sure that you will find. And no matter how many times you devour, you never get used to that you breaking. Add to that the settings of his that would make you feel proud at the very Ridley Scott and you’ll see what Alien: Isolation is an excellent addition to the franchise.


*Article updated on February 5, 2019.

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