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These are the best SSD on the market right now

Do you want to update the storage of your computer and get it to go fast? It is likely that it is not necessary to learn more about the incredibly fast speeds offered by the solid state drives. The truth is that the best SSD on the market now have more capacity, are more affordable and more compatible than ever, which makes this a good time to perk up and buy one.

If you’re looking for an option of storage that also provide with a significant speed boost, we offer you the best options in various price ranges for you to choose the one that suits you best it should be noted that some companies put a price on the ability after general expenses, and others before. This leads to practices of rounding variables, and explains why you see some units of 256 GB and other of 250 GB. Even in these cases, it is unlikely that a unit have exactly your ability established, although the variation is generally less than 10 GB.


las mejores ssd samsung 970 evo plus 500gb 720x720

The range 970 Evo Plus Samsung offers one of the best alternatives in performance and reliability, and in our tests we discovered that the SSD delivers read and write speeds of over 2.5 GB / s, with the ability to continue to function with up to 600 terabytes written to the drive. It is a great upgrade for anyone who really need to storage additional professional or a great speed increase for your current computer.

This unit also incorporates the technologies of PCI Express (PCIe) and NVMe. PCI Express refers to the latest standard SSD that offers the speed and versatility greatly improved in comparison with the SSD more ancient: it is an important feature to take into account when buying solid state drives for newer computers. NVMe is a new protocol similar to that offers the more advanced forms of data transfer of storage between the SSD and the computer. Together, PCIe and NVMe are the best combination for high-performance drives, and this Evo Plus is an excellent example.


las mejores ssd samsung 860 pro review 3 720x720

This SSD of 2.5 inches is an excellent upgrade option for a wide range of needs. The interface for this drive is SATA 6Gb / s, with a speed of sequential read of 540 megabytes per second and a write speed of 520 MB / s. Our test found that it was one of the SATA drives faster in the market.

Like most of the SSD in our list, the 860 Pro comes in various capacity options ranging from 256 GB to 4 TB of storage, with costs that vary accordingly. We chose the version of 256GB for a couple of reasons: it is a good size for an SSD of a multi-use designed for the average user, and provides a number of base storage widely employed that will help you to compare it with other models.

The Samsung 860 Pro part of the $ 130 dollars for the model of 256 GB, and goes up from there depending on the storage you’re looking for. It is not the SSD cheaper there, but offers the best balance between performance and price, and comes with a warranty of five years. What is more likely is that this accessory will exceed the useful life of the majority of the components of your PC.


las mejores ssd wd blue 1tb studiofull1 720x720

This is another great model of SSD that receives frequent referrals among those who are encouraged to renew their computers and count with all our support. We have chosen the unit of 1TB in our test, but you can choose from three available sizes depending on your needs. Is available in configurations SATA or M. 2, and two versions of a smaller capacity: 256 GB and 512 GB.

The Western Digital Blue 1TB SATA offers speeds of sequential read of up to 488 MB / s and write speeds up to 520 MB / s. it is Not exactly the faster disk on the market, but it is fast enough to keep up with the majority of users, especially at such an affordable price.


las mejores ssd intel 750 series 1 2tb thumb 650x429

The Intel 750 SSD offers all the advantages of the storage NVMe with its flexible installation options and high speeds. Obviously, this will cause the unit to be more rapid (in the ideal stage, you can exceed transfer speeds of two gigabytes per second), but this SSD is top of the range also offers other advantages. One of the most interesting is the choice between the additional card and the form factors of 2.5 inches, which allow you to choose a format that suits their update plans and standard drive current. The breakneck speeds and the high compatibility of the card placed on the top of our list, but you will have to pay at least $ 1,000 dollars for the model of 1TB.


las mejores ssd western digital black sn750 250gb nvme gaming 720x720

With a transfer speed of up to 3100 MB / s and read speeds of random 412,5 MB / s, easy to use functions and a very reasonable price, this SSD will be a great upgrade for your gaming platform, no matter how humble that may be. In addition to excellent speeds, Western Digital has given this SSD is the “Black Dahsboard” for additional control: this allows you to manipulate the configuration and review the performance. For example, you can enable the settings of game Mode to disable the suspension system and improve performance. The heat sink attachment will also be doing your part to make sure that your system stays cool even when you go fast.

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