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These are the best security cameras for the home

When it comes to home security, the best solution is often the one that is easier to use and the manufacturers will always find new features to incorporate in their new models, but a good smart camera does not need to excess and too many features to highlight. Although today we ask many of our technology products , what we really want in a smart camera is something that does not stand out excessively and pass unnoticed, and be good enough to do their job without making our homes look like prisons of high security, counting at the same time with a configuration and management are transparent to the user.

Here are some of our favorites among the best security cameras for home, knowing that every one of which offers something unique to attract different types of user.

mejores cámaras de seguridad
The best option
Why you should buy it: it Has a generous set of benefits, as well as multiple storage options in the cloud.
Who is it for: any client that search for a complete security solution for the home
How much does it cost: $ 480 usd (includes two cameras and a base station)
Why we chose the Arlo Pro 2:

When you’re looking for something more than a simple camera, Arlo (formerly a part of Netgear) has always known how to get to the market better than anyone. The new Arlo Pro 2 improves a system that was already great, increasing the video resolution to 1080p and mantniendo seven days of free storage in the cloud. Is completely isolated and protected against the weather and prepared to be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be chosen with wires or without them. The batteries can be swapped and easily be loaded separately, so that the cameras without cables, will not suffer any downtime during the load.

Unlike the smart camera independent of, the employment by Arlo of a base station, ensuring an optimized performance with each of the Arlo Pro 2. This configuration ensures a stable connection regardless of the network load, and also contributes to the excellent battery life of the Arlo Pro 2, which reaches the six months on a single charge (depending on the use, of course). When it is plugged in, the camera can be used for the continuous recording of video, as a camera of traditional security, which makes it the ideal in the business world, as well as at home, if so required (in this case, it is necessary for a storage plan, which is sold separately). The base station incorporates a siren of 100 decibels and allows the local backup through an external USB drive.

The Arlo Pro 2 is compatible with the system of Teaching Pro existing, so that current users can continue using their same base station, and old cameras along with the new model. Those customers can buy a camera Arlo Pro 2 for just $ 220 dollars. (Note: requires a base station, so that new users have to buy the kit from multiple cameras with a value of $ 480 usd).

mejores camaras de seguridad hogar 51jezj432jl 720x720

Better integration with Alexa.
Who should buy it: it integrates seamlessly with the enabled devices to Alexa.
Who is it for: for those who already use and enjoy Alexa in house.
How much does it cost: $ 120
Why we chose the Amazon Cloud Cam: Who if not the creator of Alexa can manufacture a security camera perfectly synchronized and optimized for this virtual assistant so popular in homes. If your home already there are several devices that Echo or tablets, the Amazon Fire spread through the rooms of the house, the house of Cloud security Cam could be the best option. The Amazon Cloud Cam transmits in 1080p HD video, and you can ask Alexa to show the real-time transmission of their devices, Amazon Fire TV, Fire Tablet, I Show or Echo Spot.

You can also visit to view the images from a laptop or a desktop. In addition, the Cloud Cam includes many other features of great added value as the two-way audio, night vision, or even automatic notifications when motion is detected. If you have an account with a lock Amazon Key system with smart lock that allows the courier to leave the package at your home even when you’re not, in this case, Amazon Key Home includes Cloud Cam, so that you will receive a security camera when you set up your Amazon Key in your home.

mejores camaras de seguridad hogar nest cam iq lifestyle2 720x720

The best quality of image.
Who should buy it: excellent quality video, a set of comprehensive benefits.
Who is it for: those who want the best quality and don’t mind paying for it
How much it costs: $ 300
Why we chose the Nest Cam IQ:

As with the thermostats, Nest is changing the rules of the game in regards to the safety in the home. The new Nest Cam IQ takes a big step forward in terms of image quality in a smart camera. Employs a sensor 4K to record frames dual to 1080p simultaneously, combining them into a Full HD video that offers a greater dynamic range. Precisely, the dynamic range becomes often a problem for security cameras home that they have to try to balance the exposure between a window with a great entrance of light and a dark interior. The Cam IQ should, on paper, to solve these difficulties.

On the other hand, users can zoom digitally up to 12x without sacrificing the quality of the image; the camera can even come close automatically to an area when motion is detected, and will remain focused on the subject as it moves through the grid. The perspective of wide angle of 130 degrees is maintained when you do this, so that you do not lose any detail of what happens.

Customers who subscribe to cloud storage Nest Aware they will also have facial recognition, so that Cam IQ will be able to distinguish between members of the family and an intruder. Unfortunately, the camera is limited to indoor use and has no battery power optional.

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