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These are the best features of Android Q

mejores caracteristicas de android q 720x720The first beta version for Android Q finally arrived, and it serves to give us a taste of what you can expect from the final version of the mobile operating system of the next generation of Google. We still do not know how it is called officially, but we can see what that will bring to the table. The new operating system has many new features, and it is likely that the best features of Android Q are added as you progress in the beta testing.

For now, here are our five favorite features of the first beta version of Android Q.

No more delays in sharing your photos and files with Share UI

top 5 android q features share menuFor the vast majority of users, one of the most frustrating aspects of Android has always been to share files and photos, due to the delay while waiting to load the menu to Share. Android Q you try to fix that problem. Now, in the new menu, you’ll get a quick view of what you want to share exactly, in addition to a new mechanism of “Sharing Shortcuts”, which allows applications to configure in advance the objectives to share. This should speed up the overall process of exchange of images, photos or files.

No more applications that follow your location

top 5 android q features location permissionsOne of the biggest changes that Google has made the privacy of Android is that Android Q will now offer best location settings for the applications. That means that you can program each application to tell you exactly how often they can access your location data. As with iOS, it includes three options: never give information of your location, only to give it when the application is open, or make it always when the application requests it, even in the background. It depends on you which you choose.

The depth of the portrait mode can be used in third party applications

nokia 9Phone cameras continue to evolve without stopping, capturing more and more information when you take a picture. In recent years, with the increase of cameras, double-lens, smart phones have begun to capture depth information, giving a new layer of customization and elegance to your images, although their use was restricted to your system. Android Q, that information will be available for third-party applications. That means that you can change the styles of blur effects bokeh and depth in other applications, if you want to do it. With this you will get a photo editing much more customizable in smart phones, and this could also allow for more effects of augmented reality in the photographs and images.

Better transmission of high-quality videos with support for HDR10 + and AV1

top 5 android q features youtube mobile
Android now also has native support for HDR10 + and the codec open source video AV1, which means that media providers will be able to transmit high-quality video while using less bandwidth. That’s good news for your data plan.

More options to change the size of apps on flip phones

Galaxy FoldThe flip phones are already a reality,and could become the new trend. With this in mind, Google is adding more support for on-screen folding Android, providing more options for changing the way in which you can change the size of applications. This means that Android devices with screens folding should be a bit more stable when it comes to view the most popular apps of the best way to fold and deploy those screens.

As they progress the beta testing, it is more than sure that you add new features. If you want to try the beta version for yourself, follow our guide on how to download and install Android Q a compatible phone in a few simple steps.

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