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These are the best earphones that you can buy in the market

Whether your old pair of hearing aids do not give for more, or you’re tired of listening to your favorite music in those little headphones of plastic that came included with your phone, there always comes a time when you need to buy new ones. And what are the best earphones that you can buy and take home right now? Because, my friend, it will be like at all: depending on how and what you want.

If you have a new iPhone, or the Google Pixel 3 and you want a wireless headset, or you are a frequent traveler that seeks to block the madding crowd outside, or a marathon runner needs an option to test sweat. Of course, you can also be a lover of music and heard very fine, gives the same: we have you covered. You may find others, but will not be the best.

Read, compare, and choose. Absolutely nothing!

Honor roll

Brand and modelCategory
Sony WH-1000xM2The best
Oppo PM-3The best over-the-ear
Audeze SineThe best in-ear
Fashion V-ForzaThe best within of the ear
Jabra Elite Active 65tThe best wireless headphones
Shure SE112 and SE112 WirelessThe hearing aids more affordable
Jabra Elite SportThe best hearing aids training
Yamaha HPH-WP8The best for study
V-Moda Crossfade II WirelessThe headphones more durable
1More Triple DriversThe headphones more ergonomic


The best

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Why should you buy them?: because they are a hearing aid with the sound of the first level, comfort, luxurious, and impressive noise cancellation.

Who are they?: those seeking isolation sonic total, but do not want to give up the high-fidelity sound to get it.

How much does it cost?: $300 to $350 dollars.

Why we chose the Sony WH-1000xM2?

Physically, these headphones from Sony have not only earmuffs very soft, but in addition have controllers dual 40 mm, which give life to both movies, as music with amazing details and warm. In addition, the Sony WH-1000 provide excellent separation of instruments, with a powerful bass response, combined with accurate performance in the records middle, and superior.

If off, the application Sony Headphones Connect allows you to adjust the reduction of the environmental sound and to optimize the audio according to the atmospheric pressure (an incredible feature for frequent travellers), and the processing engine DSEE HX Sony, automatically increases the compressed audio from sources like YouTube, to ensure the best audio experience possible.

The technology LDAC Sony offers a wireless signal, the company ensures that it is three times the quality of the transmission standard Bluetooth, and the headphones are also compatible with the codec aptX HD latest. Wireless music 1000xM2 even “high-level” audio device high resolution that used a special chip, it helps that the music sounds dynamic and beautiful, with powerful bass and treble response for crisp, united by a mid-range well rounded.

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The best hearing aids on the ear


Why should you buy them?: because they produce a quality sound, secure fit and stylish look.

Who are they?: listeners looking for a smooth sound and accurate in any environment.

How much does it cost?: $399 to $409 dollars.

Why we chose the Oppo PM-3?

These hearing aids are the adaptation more affordable of the amazing Oppo PM-1 that cost $1,100 dollars, as they bring the technology of Planar magnetics, and gives the sound more clear, if we compare it with the headphones in its category. This means that you’ll be able to hear so well the songs of your favorite artists, you feel like you’re with them in a recording studio.

Surely in these times you will be thought what does it mean to the technology of Planar magnetics?, but don’t worry, we are here to clarify your doubts. Unlike drivers dynamic traditional, that create the sound by pushing the air strongly, the drivers of this technology use a membrane microdelgada stimulated by a magnet, to create subtle vibrations, which reproduce more accurately the music.

Although there are a growing number of hearing aids magnetic with this technology, the PM-3 are more functional in everyday environments that many other options. This is because most hearing aids with the technology Planar magnetics have open back, design which allows the sound to “breathe” a bit more (but also, sacrifices the passive isolation of noise), however, the PM-3 are closed, which allows you to cancel out external noise more efficiently, when you’re in a train noisy or in the office.

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The best earphones fully wireless


Why should you buy them?: good sound, battery life and functionality.

Who are they?: listeners who want an autonomy wireless without sacrificing sound quality or performance sweat-proof.

How much does it cost?: $190 dollars.

Why we chose the Jabra Elite Active 65t?

Despite your small size, the headset Elite Active 65t of Jabra have a long life of battery, protection against the sweat, excellent sound quality, and a host of useful features, which make it the best of its kind.

In addition, these hearing aids have three different sets of silicone tips and have an ergonomic design that ensures a good seal. Also, they are comfortable, with a sound quality that is solid and an excellent technology that allows for the cancellation of external noise.

Unlike its predecessor, slightly more economical, the manufacturer were added to the Elite Active 65t a rating IP56, which means they are protected from jets of water at high pressure and the entry of dust limited.

If this were not enough, the hearing aids Elite 65t offer an incredible battery life of up to 5 hours and in addition, the charging case included adds two refills and more.

Also, these wonderful earphones are compatible with the Sound + of the company, that allows you to adjust settings such as eq, or if you want to use the intelligent assistant built-in to your phone (Siri on iOS, Google Assistant on Android), or Amazon’s Alexa.

The built-in sensors on the headset can be configured to play and pause music when you take away the buttons, and even can be configured to operate in different levels of ambient sound, which is ideal for listening to announcements on the plane or your office mate.

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The best earphones in the ears

Why should you buy them? For its supreme clarity, comfort, luxurious, durable design and free Lightning.

Who are they? For anyone who wants to invest some money to brighten up your ears especially the followers of Apple.

How much do they cost? $450 or $500 with Lightning cable.

Why we chose Audeze Sine on-ear?

Therefore, although they are not cheap, you’re still getting a bargain. And that’s because Audeze has done something incredible with the model Sine, taking advantage of the technology of their more expensive (and bulky) headphones THE-8 to create a pair of conductors magnetic planes that are folded to provide a size and efficiency that were unimaginable.

And is that, unlike drivers dynamic traditional, that create the sound by pushing the air like a piston, the flat conductors used a membrane microdelgada excited by a magnet to create subtle vibrations that reproduce more accurately the music.

What does that mean? Therefore, a crystalline clarity and a true unspoilt nature of textures and colors sonic extracted from your favorite instruments.

Audeze has helped to boost the technology televisions by leaps and bounds in the last few years, which allows you to carry a mechanism highly sophisticated and out of the laboratory and into the real world and the Sine are an example of this. So, taking that technology even further (the potential buyers of iPhone should take note), the model Sine it can also be equipped with a Lightning cable to receive digital audio directly from your iPhone and transfer it to an analog sound pristine, which is achieved by a DAC (digital to analog converter). In addition, the design also allows a digital equalizer.

Thus, the Sine with its robust design and stylish look are the obvious choice for fans of the audio that you want to enjoy a fantastic sound during your trip.

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The best hearing aids in the ear

Why should you buy them? Because they are a perfect combination of comfort, sound and portable convenience.

Who are they? For the active listener, and everyday that you want a great fidelity in a small package.

How much do they cost? $100.

Why we chose the V-Moda Forza?

Offer the perfect combination of fidelity, comfort and performance for the sport and for any adventure soundtrack. These hearing aids resistant to water is a product without frills, but with excellent quality of sound, round and warm, which blends well with almost all genres.

In addition, they are made of a composite of soft rubber that makes it one of the more comfortable earphones we found.

And because of that they are designed to withstand the elements, are a perfect companion for workouts, daily trips for rainy or any other outdoor activity. We have used both in the office and in long and rainy tracks and we are never disappointed.

So, if you are looking for a pair of headphones that will accompany you everywhere and you never disappoint, there is not a better pair of headphones.

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Shure SE112 AND SE112 Wireless

The best earphones low-budget

mejores audifonos mercado shure

Why should you buy them?: they project a great sound, are comfortable and is the best price-performance ratio on the planet.

Who are they?: those who want headphones excellent sound at the lowest possible price.

How much does it cost?: $50 standard and $100 dollars, which have wi-fi band

Why we chose the Shure SE112 and SE112 Wireless?:

The most interesting thing about these headphones is that they can offer a great quality sound, whether you connect with the cable or use it wirelessly. Also, have a look very aesthetic, a comfortable fit and a sound that combines a high quality and low bass impact, though not too noisy, to provide crisp detail for the price that they cost.

Although they are not as clear as headphones premium, the SE112 make the competition easily to several more expensive models, which means that with them you’ll be able to get something good, nice and cheap.

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The best hearing aids training.

mejores audifonos mercado jabra

Why should you buy them?: offer quality audio sound, comfort completely wireless and impressive protection against sweat.

Who are they?: what I like to listen to music while they exercise, but they do not want the cables to get in your way.

How much does it cost?: $160 to $220 to dollars

Why we chose the Jabra Elite Sport?

These hearing aids, based on the special edition Sport Press of Jabra, have a heart rate sensor built into the left earcup, as well as an IP67 rating which means it can be submerged in 3.3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. This quality makes them the best earphones for the fighting shorts in a swimming pool and lets you use them in the hottest days of the summer, since they are also sweat-proof. If this were not enough, the manufacturer ensures that you can also rinse them safely after hiking strenuous.

The Elite Sport offer 4.5 hours of playback per charge, which means that it will withstand long term experience of training, except the long and intense marathons (unless it is one of the fastest runners in the world). In addition, it comes with a charging case included, which adds two additional loads to keep them ready for combat.

The app Sport Life Jabra offers activity tracking and voice directions to accompany the reading of heart rate during the workouts, and in addition, you can add and track specific workouts for a follow-up even deeper.

Although it does not provide the perfect sound or vivid as the V-Moda Forza, its characteristic of being completely wireless and ideal for withstanding the sweat and the water makes its cost worthwhile.

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The best for the study

mejores audifonos mercado yamaha

Why should you buy them?: simple style, solid construction and excellent sound for its price.

Who are they?: music lovers, regulars of study or professional of a podcast that you want to headphones quality.

How much does it cost?: $165 to $250

Why we chose the Yamaha HPH-WP8?

These headphones designed by audio professionals for audio professionals, have a studio monitor with two detachable cables (one coiled cable of 1.5 meters, and a straight-through cable of 3 meters) and include a connector of an inch that is threaded for use with audio interfaces.

The leather pads of fleece and a band padded bind to the metal supports, solid of the headphones to create a seal nice and a comfortable fit to long-term, making them feel good during the work sessions, prolonged, while they prevent the sound from seeping into the microphone.

The sound features more prominent are the intense bass and treble detailed, that allow you to listen to and adjust every single element of the sound with amazing clarity.

Can the Yamaha HP8-WP8 are not the accessory is more eye-catching, but they do the job great and with a sound very accurate.

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The headphones more durable

google play books audiolibros espanol best headphones v moda ii wireless 720x720

Why should you buy them? You want a set of headphones with a style that can take a licking and continue ticking.

Who are they? the hearer of all the days that you want excellent performance and life test.

How much do they cost? $330 dollars

Why we chose the V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless?

For durability, iconic style and low wonderful. Sounds like a combination good enough, right? Because those are the features that make V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless is a choice overwhelming. This is the latest version of the earphones or headphones M-100 that got to V-Moda on the map.

One of the greatest strengths of Crossfade II is the resistant band for the head. Also, the headphones hex they are made out of plastic, hard as a rock, and are also customizable thanks to the removable plates that V-Moda made in almost any style you can think of.

Under the hood, the Crossfade II Wireless account with drivers or drivers custom of 50 mm that offer a high sound quality highlighted by amazing clarity at the top, means smooth, precise, and powerful bass.

With a battery of playback of around 14 hours and a audio cable 3.5 mm cable for when the battery is dry, the model Crossfade II Wireless is as resistant to life as it is in terms of use.

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Fashion V- Amazon

1More TRIPLE Drivers

The headphones more ergonomic

mejores audifonos mercado 1 more

Why should you buy them?: because they have a mixture of good style, connectivity, Lightning and a surprising relationship between performance and price.

Who are they?: for those demanding users that have an iPhone, but has not yet reached the corner office.

How much does it cost?: $89 to $100

Why did we choose 1Más drivers triple?

If you are an iOS user who hates the adapters (and don’t want to deal with the loss of fidelity that comes with a wireless connection), these offer the best value you’ll find on a pair of headphones Lightning (also can have it with a standard adapter of 3.5 mm).

But, the big question is what offered by these devices, unlike its competitors with prices like? These hearing aids offer cosmetic beautiful, solid construction, and three drivers are dynamic inside for excellent sound. This includes a driver armature balanced for each mid-range and treble, and a controller dynamic for the bass.

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