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These are the best accessories for Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini managed to Google the thing that made Echo Dot for Amazon: make a wizard-intelligent, compact and affordable in the hands of thousands of consumers and in this way, those who initially may not have considered the purchase of a sudden have been found with a device that allows you to verify the climate, control your smart home, and do all sorts of stupid questions. And now’s the time to customize it with the best accessories for Google Home Mini.

Did you know that, just as your fashion accessories, you can customize your Google Home Mini? Some of these add-ons change the appearance of the device, while others add new functionality that did not previously have. You can add some style to your intelligent assistant, or perhaps you need a longer cable, and for this reason, we have selected some of the accessories are more interesting.


accesorios para google home mini kiwi rechargable battery base 720x720

If you’ve ever wanted to use your Google Home without the need to be connected to a power adapter, the base of the rechargeable battery KIWI is the solution. Provides up to 16 hours of life on a single charge and KIWI fruit allows you to carry your Google Home to the backyard or the garage with ease. While you are within range of Wifi, you’ll be able to listen to music or audio books with you wherever you go.

You have three colors to choose: grey, dark, orange and grey, along with a robust wrist strap that allows the placement of the Google Home Mini around your arm (it has a cover that protects against dirt and the dust to which it may be exposed to the computer in motion).



accesorios para google home mini mount genie pedestal thumb 720x720

The design of Google’s Home is already, by itself, slim and elegant, but can only see all its splendour when you are aside. The pedestal for the Google Home Mini Mount Genie allows you to place the device in an upright position and display it to see all around the world (although at first it may seem microphone to our eyes). This base also aims to improve the functionality by directing the sound forward instead of upward, and its vertical design also makes it easier to see the lights at the top of the Mini.

The difference in audio quality will not leave you without words, but will it be enough for you to hear the notes of your favorite song with a little more clarity.


accesorios para google home mini amortek outlet mount thumb 720x720

If you want to return in excess of the foundation, but still want to look your Google Home Mini, this accessory AmorTek may be what you need. This is a bracket that fits in the power outlet of the wall (not recommended for use in strips) and features a cable management system built-in which means that you will not have to deal with the unsightly it is to see a tangle of cables.

For just $ 9, AmorTek Outlet Mount is without a doubt a great gift. Like brackets type pedestal, makes it easy to see the lights on the Mini and helps to direct the sound forward, instead of towards the ceiling. The only drawback is that most of the houses have the plugs placed in the lower part, along the ground, so that it could be placed better in a bathroom or kitchen.


accesorios para google home mini mount genie wall 2 thumb 720x720

Mount Genie is specialized in manufacturing accessories for loudspeakers smart, but one of their main products is this support of wall/roof for the Mini. This device allows you to install a Google Home Mini on the wall or ceiling of your home, almost as if it was a recessed light. There are multiple color options for the front plate of the bracket to help blend in with the color of your wall.

The disadvantage of this mounting is that it requires some labor for its installation. You need to make a hole in the wall or the ceiling to make space for this assembly, so that is not an option for people living in rented accommodation (unless they have a home very forgiving). Once it pierces the hole, however, the installation is easy by using the tabs of panels of plaster.


accesorios para google home mini otterboxdenseries 720x720

OtterBox is best known for his covers for the mobile but also has a line of products with themes of Disney, including this adorable stand of Mickey Mouse. While it may not provide the same protective qualities that people associate with OtterBox, the support of Mickey Mouse is a fun way to show off your Mini without reducing its performance.

The support lifts the Mini a few inches of the surface and places it at an angle so that you can easily see all the lights at the top of the device. There’s even a small hole in the bottom of the bracket to position the power cable of the Google Home Mini through a cable organizer built-in.

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