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The Z-Fold Samsung could be folded two times

Samsung is exploring various alternatives to bring the technology from flip phones to those who are looking for this kind of devices. After the odyssey that turned out to be the development of the Galaxy Fold, now the south Korean manufacturer requested a new design patent which shows a screen capable of bending two times.

Z-Fold de Samsung

Credits: Let’s Go DigitalEl team, first revealed by the web site Dutch Let’s Go Digital, essentially you would have three screens and could be folded in two sections, thus achieving a smaller size similar to that of a smart phone average.

When deploying, you would have a much larger screen than the devices that have a single fold, such as the Galaxy Fold. Let’s Go Digital was baptized by this type of phones as Z-Fold, which could be translated as a fold in a “Z”.

This is not the first patent that we see with a-type design Z-Fold. This Wednesday, August 16, met photos of a series of devices by LG, one of which had a large main screen that folded once, along with other panel smaller. Although it was not one screen but two, when I was deployed at the end reaching the size of three phones together.

The patent Samsung was approved at the end of may, but only published in August in the Office of Intellectual Property of Korea.

Of course, I could spend some time before we see a device like this. If well Samsung is working on devices with foldable, still a little thick when folded. If plisa two times, it would be much more bulky and difficult to carry in a pocket. The compensation is that when deployed, the screen reaches a size that could replace a tablet and even a laptop small.

Diseños del Z-Fold
Credits: Let’s Go Digital

Another benefit of the screen, type Z-Fold is that the device would only need a screen. The Galaxy Fold actually has two, since that is bent inward, so that the main is on the inside of the fold, while the panel of the phone is on the outside.

Given that companies are usually patents of technology that are exploring not finally end up using them, we’ll have to wait to see if finally this idea is made concrete. But if you do, it will take some time. We will keep you informed.

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