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The Xfi Pods of Comcast turn any plug-in-part of a Wifi network

comcast xfi pod
If you have a large home with many devices connected, or if your office or room is away from the main area of connection of the router, surely experienced the frustration of not having a good WiFi signal. To solve this problem there are several options, such as signal amplifiers or even home made solutions.

With this in mind, Comcast launched a new system of Wifi connection to the home network, announcing that their devices xFi Pods are already on sale. With them, are intended to provide to the customers Internet Xfinity an “innovative option that will cover all your needs WiFi in their homes.”

These devices are small and easy to install, plug into any electrical outlet and are connected with the gateways xFi Wireless Gateway or xFi Advanced Gateway, allowing you to expand the coverage so that it reaches those sectors most isolated from your home. In other words, make power points in part of a Wifi network.

“Our gateways have an incredible power, but we know that some households have particular designs or are constructed with materials that can disrupt the arrival of WiFi to some rooms,” said Eric Schaefer, General Manager of Automation and Communications for Comcast Cable. “The WiFi network is the oxygen of a digital home, and our xFi Pods offer a great coverage, plus their installation is simple and easy to use,”.

These devices of expansion of a signal have a hexagon shape, and work with the gateways xFi to control and optimize the Wifi connections of all the devices in the home. Powered by a cloud platform of remote control, the xFi Pods evaluate the environment to ensure that the devices they are using bands and channels Wifi ideal.

The xFi Pods are sold in packages of three for $119 dollars, or in packages of six for $199, plus shipping and operation expenses. Can be purchased online through their site, in the application of xFi, and in selected stores from Xfinity. The company also stated that it would provide the option of a monthly payment plan to buy this product.

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