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The soap bubbles do not burst by the gravity as it was believed

Since small children have had a fascination for soap bubbles, from soplarlas to walk way with the wind, until you pop them or leave them to break alone.

It is true that until now it was thought that the soap bubbles were exploited for the cause of gravity, however, a publication of the journal Science, indicates another reason.

The researcher of the University of Boston, Alexandros Oratis, he commanded the group of scientists who sought the right answer for this phenomenon: surface tension.

According to the study, “when the bubbles rise to the surface of a liquid, forming a dome of thin film sustained by the gas trapped in the interior, which finally breaks. In liquids of low viscosity, the bubbles break quickly, over a period of milliseconds, and the process is largely dominated by surface tension and inertia”.

This how it looks in the video below, it is experimented by making a hole in the top of a bubble surface in a viscous liquid, that hole takes a little time to grow. At that time, the bubble collapses, shrinking, until it is a flat disc with the hole in the middle. Intuitively, the scientists concluded that gravity was the driving force behind the collapse, however, Oratis, had to redo this method to test his theory with surface tension.

For that pricked the bubble from the right side:

“It was not unreasonable to suppose that gravity is driving this collapse, because the bubble it seems that it simply moves down as it collapses,” said Alexandros Oratis. “However, if you compute the forces acting on the film, you will find that the surface tension is in reality much greater than gravity. So that was what it took to turn this experiment to test how much gravity was really doing”.

The research published in Science also warns that, “the surface tension does not affect the entire bubble by the same. The top of the bubble is much thinner than its walls near the base. This makes the top of the bubble to collapse faster than they are knocked down the walls, mimicking the expected effect of the forces direct of gravity”.

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