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The remote control Dish now understands commands in Spanish

Dish Network y DirecTV

The technology is certainly useful to perform all kinds of tasks, either on a personal level, or to handle different areas of the smart home. But for those of us who live in a world bilingual, sometimes try to give instructions in one language or another could become a reason of frustration. What is certain is that households multilingual are becoming more common and this number continues to increase, and for this reason, many technology companies in the united States are working to accommodate the needs of this growing market.

Such is the case of Dish and DishLatino. The company announced that as part of its commitment to develop a experience of premium entertainment for all, we are focusing on the Spanish-speaking community, expanding the functionality of your remote control of voice to include the Spanish language.

That means that you can now use the new and existing voice controls Dish (with a receiver connected to the internet to browse, play, pause, fast forward, rewind, or search for content. To do this, you must simply press the microphone button on your remote control, and this means the commands in Spanish. But before, you must enable the function.

How to enable the feature in Spanish for your remote control voice

To enable the functionality of the Spanish language on your remote control, voice menu language of your receiver must be also configured in Spanish. To change the language settings for your menu, follow the steps below:

• Go to Menu > Settings

• Select Menu Language

• Click on Menu Language > Select English

And that is all. With those simple steps you’ll be able to take advantage of the functionality in your preferred language, either English or Spanish, to change channels, search for content, and much more.

According to the company, the new customers of Dish network will receive the remote voice with a Hopper at no additional cost, while existing customers can upgrade their remote control voice for $20. To learn more about the functionality in Spanish for the remote control of voice, you can visit the official website of the company.

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