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The Razer Phone 2: we tell you everything you need to know

The smart phone market focused on games went from a niche dimensioned to have a wide range of alternatives. And although now the competition is greater, Razer estimates that it has space in the market and therefore released a few months ago the Razer Phone 2.

The segment of phones focused on games, has had a dizzying pace. The first Razer rapidly joined the Honor to Play, and the Red Magic Phone. Even, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was marketed as such at the beginning. But that does not stop there and came to the Asus ROG and the Black Shark of Xiaomi.

The Razer Phone 2 represented an important step forward with respect to the first version, with better features, a camera more powerful and a new RGB lighting.

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While the Razer Phone 2 is available for $800 dollars at their normal price, the company launched a special discount for a limited time of $300 dollars for those who buy through the Microsoft Store, Amazon or Best Buy.

A model with a satin finish is also available for $899 dollars, but has twice the internal storage.

Although initially thought that the phone would not work on Verizon, the company announced that it had certified in its network. If you move your number and activate this provider on or before 31 march 2019, you can get a MasterCard prepaid card for $250 dollars.

The phone also operates on T-Mobile and AT&T, although you can’t use it on Sprint.

Design and display

Razer Phone 2 comparte en gran medida el diseño con su predecesor
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The Razer Phone 2 is more or less similar to its predecessor and shares the same frame of the upper and lower thick, that hosts the impressive stereo speakers facing front with Dolby. Razer claims that the speakers are more high and clear than the previous model, which already had the strongest we’ve ever found.

In the back is where we see the biggest differences. Now it is made of Gorilla Glass 5, which allows wireless charging, and the lenses of the dual camera are located in a position more central.

One of the most striking elements is that the image of Razer comes to life. Developed by the technology Razer Chroma, the logo shines with 16.8 million colors, reacts to notifications and can be customized with lighting effects as Static, Spectrum Cycling and Breathing. It is similar to the strip’s RGB Network Magic.

Account with the same LCD screen UltraMotion 5.7-inch and 120Hz on the front. This was definitely one of the most impressive features of the Razer Phone original, since the frame rate of 120Hz provided a game incredibly soft. According to Razer, the screen of the new device is much more bright.

Razer has also incorporated water resistance with a IP67 rating, which means that you can perfectly survive a fall into a swimming pool or in the bath.

Specifications and battery

El Razer Phone 2 cuenta con el hardware adecuado garantizar el máximo rendimiento.
The Razer Phone 2 is marketed as a phone focused on the games, so you must have the more powerful hardware to ensure maximum performance.

The processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 feeds the Razer Phone 2, as it did with many of the major phones of 2018. Is a chip that is exceptionally strong, and we expect a strong performance both in normal use as in mobile phones. Razer says the performance will increase by 30 percent in comparison with the previous version.

As in the Galaxy Note 9, there is a system of special cooling to keep the chip cool during intense usage: the house of steam Razer, which provides a large surface area for the heat to dissipate, and helps to ward off the heat of the components.

This processing power is backed by a RAM of 8 GB. In addition, it has 64 GB of storage, but you can increase it up to 1 TB, thanks to the MicroSD card slot. A Razer Phone 2 with satin finish is also available for $100 additional dollars and with 128 GB of storage.

All the power requires a battery monster. The Razer Phone 2 comes with a package of 4,000 mAh, which should keep the phone running throughout the day. The wireless charging is available with the backing glass, and a USB-C ultrafast QuickCharge 4.0+ allows you to charge half the battery in 30 minutes.

Software and special features

El Razer Phone 2 ya tiene compatibilidad con Android 9.0 Pie
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While the Razer Phone 2 was released with Android 8.1 Oreo and Nova Launcher pre-installed, since the end of February, 2019, it already has an update for Android 9.0 Foot.

Razer has also incorporated a series of programs to make more pleasant your life as a gamer. The new Razer Cortex will organize your collection of games, will optimize the performance with Game Booster and suggest games compatible with 120Hz. Shop Razer Theme allows fans to find different themes for their favorite games.

The device was also optimized to work with other applications. Netflix certified the phone for the content of HDR video, and audio content Dolby 5.1 Surround, and Razer promises that the phone also provides excellent performance in games as PUBG Mobile, Rival Crimson x Chaos, Marvel Future Fight, Guns of the Boom, RuneScape and more.

New accessories

Control Razer Raiju

One of the accessories is the Razer Raiju, a control that comes with a mounting system, mobile phone and a Bluetooth connection. It has four buttons removable, mode trigger (hair-trigger) and action buttons Razer Mecha-Wm. You can customize its use with an application and works with a wide range of phones with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher, and in several games, such as Vainglory, Lineage 2 and Dead Trigger 2.

The Razer Raiju is available for $150 dollars.

Headphones Razer Hammerhead USB-C

Auriculares Razer Hammerhead USB-C

There is a headphone jack on the Razer Phone 2, but you can get the best audio experience possible with the Hammerhead USB-C of Razer. Use the Dual-technology Driver that will offer you the best balance as possible, and a converter digital to audio (DAC) helps to improve the sound quality.

Also come with tips of foam Comply for a comfortable and secure fit, while the cables do not tangle and a solid framework aluminum are also long-lasting. The headphones Hammerhead have a value of $100. In case you want to continue using your headphones with cable, you should buy a connector 3.5 mm, 24-bit for USB-C DAC.


Razer Phone 2 tiene el mismo conjunto de cámaras que su versión anterior
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

In the back, you’ll find a pair of lenses 12 megapixels: one main with optical image stabilization and a secondary one with an optical zoom of 2x. In the paper, seems to be the same set of cameras that let us down on the original phone. However, Razer claims that he worked the camera interface and the image quality should improve with the use of sensors from Sony.

In the front, you’ll find a lens for selfie 8-megapixel camera which supports taking video of 1080p pixels. Subsequent cameras are most impressive, as they allow to record in 4K.

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