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The police can’t get access to iPhones through GrayKey

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About six months ago, we reported that unlocking an iPhone is no longer the arduous task it once was for the officials in charge of enforcing the law. An increasing number of agencies of law enforcement in the united States decided to buy a device capable of unlock iPhones. The device, called GrayKey, a small gray box with two cords of light that protrude like antennae, allows access to a device even if the device is protected by passwords, or other biometric measures.

However, and unfortunately for Grayshift, this already is not an option. According to a report from Forbes, which was corroborated by a police chief in Minnesota, a patch in the new Apple operating system iOS 12 get the box operating GreyKey is useless. The publication claims that when he was asked to captain John Sherwin of the police of Minnesota if the reports about the patch GreyKey iOS 12 were certain, he said that it was “a evaluation fairly accurate of what we have been experiencing”.

Using the device you can connect two iPhones simultaneously, and users should keep them connected for about two minutes. While there are unlocked immediately after the disconnection, Malwarebytes reported that, some time after, the phones display a black screen with the access code, among other information.

With a price of “only” $15,000 to $30,000 dollars, the boxes GrayKey usually are marketed and sold exclusively to law enforcement agencies. These boxes helped to gather evidence that previously were inaccessible behind the pillars of security of Touch ID, Face ID and the access codes and passwords of the users.

Legal services and law enforcement agencies that use GrayKey can still access limited amounts of information, but nothing like what was ever possible before. Now, GrayKey can only perform an “extraction” part, which means that the police who use the tool can only extract files are not encrypted and some metadata, such as the size and the structures of the files.

GrayKey comes from a company called Grayshift, a company based in Atlanta founded in 2016, and is intended for officers in charge of enforcing the law or laboratories, which means that, in fact, is a device specifically designed for the authorities. In the beginning, once it was releasing a device, its content was offloaded in GrayKey, where it could be analyzed by the connected computer or as a downloaded file.

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