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The old “human” of the dogs is to be calculated in another way

An old technique, used to say that to know the human age of your dog, you had to multiply by seven the age of can. However, recent studies have demystified that.

Researchers from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of California, San Diego grabbed this old discussion and analyzed the genomes of human and canines to create a chart accurate as of the time of life of your dog.

The scientists studied the genomes of 105 retrievers breed Labrador and traced the patterns of methylation (that is a biological process by which add methyl groups to the DNA molecule) in the dog and human genomes, which provide clues about the age of a genome. They discovered that dogs and humans age at a rate very different at certain times in your life.

The study articulates a new formula for determining epigenetically the age of a cell, tissue or organism, the first that it is transferable between species, with many possible applications, such as determining the age of the adopted dogs or to measure the effectiveness of the interventions on anti-aging.

Here is the chart in which they used the actor Tom Hanks and the dog Fido as representatives:

Professor of medicine Trey Ideker commented that, “a dog of nine months can have puppies, so we already know that the ratio of 1: 7 was not an accurate measure of the age”.

Then, while a dog of 1 year is roughly equivalent to a human of 30 years, a dog of 9 years is just to the north of 65 human years, according to the graph.

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