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The Motorola Razr with folding screen: all that we know

Do you remember the Motorola Razr V3? The clamshell Motorola has been one of the phones most iconic ever launched, almost or at the same level as the Nokia 3310 and the first original iPhone. And although the original is now just a memory, apparently will have a spiritual successor in the form of a smartphone with folding screen. Find out everything about the Motorola Razr with a folding screen that could arrive soon to the market.

Razr con pantalla plegable

This is not the first time that the name Razr is once again the center of attention. Lenovo used the Razr V3 for promoting a smart phone, foldable in 2016, and the name Razr is reused also in a series of Android smartphones –at the time– pretty decent.


Does the folding Motorola Razr will be a high-end device with the best specifications? Maybe not, according to a few specifications leaked, starting with the use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710. To see: that they are not chips “basic” as such, but are a step or two behind the series Snapdragon 800 that we used to use in high-end phones today. Possibly will join him 4GB or 6GB of RAM, and 64GB or 128GB of internal storage space.

When deployed, the screen on the Razr can measure 6.2 inches and have a resolution of unusual 2142 x 876 pixels. On the outside, a small display with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels will help you with daily use. Filtration indicates that the battery will have a capacity of 2730mAh; but both the Galaxy Fold as the Huawei Mate X have two batteries in its interior, so that it is possible that the Motorola Razr also has two small stacks of 2730mAh.

In the days of the 12 GB of RAM, 512 GB of internal storage, screens with 4K resolution and chipset Snapdragon 855, the Razr folding can be more of a phone mid-range than anything else. This, in spite of its price.

Launch and availability

Where will you exit the market, the flip phone Razr? A report from Engadget suggests that the flip phone might get this next summer, citing the Vice-president of Global Product of Motorola, Dan Dery, who said that Motorola “began to work on folding a long time ago” and that it “has no intention of getting to market later than the others.” The report also notes that Motorola could be working on a second flip phone with two folds, although it is likely that the device does not fall under the brand’s Razr.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Lenovo (the company that owns Motorola) is partnered with Verizon to sell the device in the U.S. According to sources of the Wall Street Journal, it’s likely that your price should be (take a seat) of about $1,500 dollars. Eye, that the Samsung Galaxy Fold that we have already seen cost $1.980$.


How do I look? We have not yet seen pictures of “officers” of the phone (which we show you in this article are a creation of the artist Sarang Sheth for Yanko Design), but hope that comes in three colors: white, black, and gold, according to a rumor filtering. A report from Engadget sheds some light on the overall design of the phone, indicating that Motorola intends to create a device with a screen inside the cover, which prevent screen from being scratched in the pockets. Not only that, but the report points out that the company has been testing the use of an OLED display with a plastic film on the top, similar to the Huawei Mate X.

We know that a smart phone foldable of the brand Motorola has been in the design stage, at least, since June. A patent to December of 2018 discovered by 91 Mobiles shows how it could be really a Moto Razr foldable.

Patent images show a design that recalls (horror!) the original Moto Razr, since the notch curve in the upper part of the screen up to the huge chin that juts out at the bottom. The keyboard has been replaced by an extended screen, touch and presumably folding, but the back of the device is extremely similar to the original, with a smaller screen and a camera lens. The only new addition in the rear appears to be a scanner of fingerprints.

Last year, Motorola was granted a patent for a phone design clever folding that had a hinged central special, and heated to “cure” the imperfections in the OLED display caused by the bending. It is entirely possible that this design could form the basis of the updated version of the Razr V3. The inclusion of this hinge special central could also explain the high price potential of the phone.

*Updated by Daniel Matus on 13 march 2019.

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