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The Galaxy A7 vs. Galaxy A9: two great phones of average budget

galaxy a7 vs a9

The Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9 offer much if you don’t want or you can spend too much.

Surely, when we think of a Galaxy, comes to mind the latest model of Samsung, the Galaxy S10. However, the Galaxy family is much larger, precisely because not all the pockets are. In that case, you will like our comparison between the samsung Galaxy A7 vs. Galaxy A9.


A priori, when we see the two phones next to each other, and from the front, we found no significant differences. The only thing is that the screen of the A9 is a little bigger than the A7, but not too much.

After that, both phones have bezels of the same size which allow to place, especially at the top, the front camera and other sensors such as facial recognition.

galaxy a7 vs a9 3

The Galaxy A7 has two buttons on the right side for the volume and a third party, different and larger, in which dwells the fingerprint sensor, which differentiates it from its big brother, the Galaxy A9. And, on the left side, is the slot for the SIM card.

On the other hand, the Galaxy A9 comes with two buttons on the right side, very similar in design to those of the Mate 20 or Mate 20 Pro, and a third button placed on the left side that activates Bixby, the virtual assistant from Samsung and that, on the contrary, does not have the A7. In this case, the slot to insert the SIM is located in the top of the phone.

However, when we turn both phones, there we did find differences. The first and most visual are the cameras. The Galaxy A9 has four cameras and the A7 has three. In addition, the A9 comes with the fingerprint sensor on the back also. In general, we can say that both models have a clean design, nice and simple. The Galaxy A9 although it has its rounded edges has a shape a bit more straight, while the A7 has few side more curvy.

Winner: tie


galaxy a7 vs a9 comparativa galaxys

However, while on the outside do not differ so much, on the inside we do find some different features depending on the model. If you are looking for is more memory and better camera, then the Galaxy A9 is what you’re looking for. The big brother of the A7, it comes with 128 GB of internal memory, 6GB of RAM, space for two SIM cards and the possibility of using a MicroSD card of up to 512 GB. The screen measures 6.3 inches, it has 4 chambers instead of three and comes with a fast load so if you run out of battery you will recover in a short time.

But if your budget is a bit tighter and you don’t mind so much that you have 3 cameras, and 64GB of internal memory or 4GB of RAM, the Galaxy A7 is a very good option, without a doubt. Is a phone light, nice, with finger sensor on the side, split-screen mode to use two apps (that are compatible with this mode) at the same time, and a camera that gives you photos are really nice also and that, sometimes, just the difference is that you can take with the Galaxy A9.

Winner: Galaxy A9


As we have already said, the Galaxy A9 has four chambers, rear: an ultra-wide-angle, a telephoto lens, a main camera and a camera depth. That, of course, allows the phone to adapt much better to any situation and give you good pictures in almost all possible scenarios. On the other hand, the Galaxy A7 comes with three cameras rear: a camera for light situations (Low light), a wide-angle lens and other ultra wide angle. In this way, it is difficult for you to escape some cousin in the family photo. To see a little bit and you compare one phone with another, took pictures of the same scenes or objects with both phones.

Winner: Galaxy A9


And as we know that the price is another factor very very important when buying a phone, we cannot olive grove to tell you what it costs each one of these models.

Well, the Galaxy A7 costs a little more than €300 euros from the Samsung website (around $340 usd), while the Galaxy A9 now costs around €500 euros (about $566) dollars.

So, if these 200 euros of difference are a problem, then go for the Galaxy A7, and you’ll get a good phone for that price. But if your pocket allows it sure that you can get to the end more out of this quad camera of the Galaxy A9.

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