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The feature ‘Endless Artist Radio’ and Spotify Premium offers more music than ever

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Spotify is a service that is enormously popular, but it certainly has its competitors. Apple Music she is currently outperforming in terms of numbers of subscribers in the united States who pay a monthly fee, and, despite not being so popular, Pandora continues to rise in terms of functions and could receive a boost by the recent agreement that would see the company acquired by SiriusXM. In the midst of so many options, to ensure that it remains competitive and that keeps your customers happy, Spotify is launching an update for the Premium subscribers.

In September, Pandora launched a new feature called The Drop, which was inspired by the playlist Discover Weekly Spotify. Now, one of the most important features of the update of Spotify Premium is doing something similar.

Endless Artist Radio is an update to Artist Radio, that there was already a Premium subscriber. These playlists are not only customized in terms of the history of the music you listen to and are updated frequently, but that can be downloaded so you can listen even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Spotify has also simplified its design to facilitate the navigation, which will allow you to find what you’re looking for a simpler way. The home screen is where you will find your personalized recommendations, while your songs, artists, playlists and favorite podcasts are in the library. If you’re looking for something new, you can check out the Search section.

This search page has been redesigned, making what Spotify calls “the new single destination for artists, albums, podcasts, and more”. This applies whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, as if you want something new but do not know very well what that could be. The top of the page now displays your favorite genres, which may change with the time depending on what you have heard recently. For some people this may never change, but if you like to broaden your horizons with a variety of musical options, this can help you stay in the rhythm.

In the blog post that announces the new features, Spotify describes them as “updates initial” of Spotify Premium, so you may also have other features on the way. These changes have begun to be implemented at the global level from the 18 of October, both for the users of the applications on iOS and Android, so if you still have not reached your device, should be on the way.

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