The digital image of mourning: he died the creator of the pixel

It is likely that the name of Russell Kirsch is not familiar to many. However, the work of this american computer is something that we see daily: the pixel.

Died the 11 of August at the age of 91 in Portland, united States of America, the work of Kirsch was instrumental in what today is the digital image, because that is credited with the invention of the pixel and the scanning of the first digital photograph.

Russell served for five decades as a scientist of the National Bureau of Standards of the united States, known today as the National Institutes of Science and Technology.

The first scanned image of the story. Russell A. Kirsch / National Institute of Standards and Technology

In 1957, he was part of the team that created the scanner drum, which managed to obtain the first digital image by scanning a photograph of the son of Kirsch, Waldenm.

The image measuring 5 inches x 5 inches and I only had 30,976 pixels.

Life magazine recognized her in 2003 as one of the “100 photographs that changed the world”. Currently, exhibits in the collection of the Portland Art Museum.

The pixel is the smallest homogeneous unit that forms part of a digital image, and its creation is key to various applications and practical uses

In fact, the work of Kirsch allowed a crucial advance for the space explorations of the 60’s or in medicine, such as the development of CT (computed tomography) scan.

“My dad was a super curious, I was always asking questions. He was an iconoclast. When people said that you can not go there or that you can’t do that, he did,” said Walden at The Oregonian.

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