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The charging base wireless Nomad is fast and orderly

Although long, there are wireless charging in the market to make your life easier especially when you’re traveling or away from the electrical current, most of the times, you have so many devices that want to connect to, you end up doing a mess between all the cables on your bedside table.

However, there is now in the market the solution to that problem and his name is Nomad Wireless Charging Hub. This platform of wireless charging is capable of charging multiple devices at the same time, thanks to the amount of USB ports it has.

Design simple but thoughtful

Without a doubt, the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub is bulky, and already has five inches wide, almost an inch and a half thick and the truth has some resemblance to a hockey puck. Although it is not as attractive as other wireless charging market, among which stand out the Grovemade, is a device that is fairly unobtrusive and works very well.

The great weight that owns this base is due to the lace up of stainless steel that are found inside the thick casing of polycarbonate. For its part, physically you’ll also be able to perceive a bumper of rubber that wraps around the diameter of the charger to prevent scratches or other types of shots. In addition, it has a bumper very similar to the charging pad wireless RavPower, since the amount of dust collected is very similar.

nomad base carga inalambrica hub wireless charging review 7 1500x1000
Steven Winkelman/Digital Trends
Steven Winkelman/Digital Trends

In the upper part of the base you will find what is really important and is the platform of wireless charging, which has an output of 7.5 W. This platform provides the load for faster and more efficient which can have the iPhones more new, although it does not charge some phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 so fast, since it can accept 9W.

Also, we notice that despite the fact that this charger has a ring of rubber around the load coil to prevent slipping, our devices slipped a bit by the cushion. So we recommend that you caution when you go to charge your phone, so you don’t have a drop unwanted.

On the other hand, the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub has five LED lights small in the upper part of the base that serve as loading indicators for each of the USB ports, as well as the platform for wireless charging.

To prove it, we realized that it is easy to know when each device is fully charged, since the respective light for each port changes from orange to white. But, if the issue of the lights has you a little concerned because you are one of those people who needs your room completely dark to sleep I quiet! that Nomad thought at all. This device hid an ambient light sensor on the front of the base so that the LEDS turn off in a dark room it is our smart charger!

If rolling your base load, you’ll have access to four USB charging ports, which are presented in a vertical way, and you can also see the cables coming into an opening in the back of a very organized and minimalist. In addition, you will also see a port 3A USB-C that should provide a quick charge for both the iPhone X and iPhone 8, as for the Android devices with technology Qualcomm Quick Charge.

In case outside little, the base wireless charging has a USB port-2.4 A for tablets and two USB ports-additional for phones or watches smart. Definitely the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub is able to easily charge all your devices with space to spare.

Loading speed

We tested the capabilities of this base wireless charging with an iPhone X and a Samsung Galaxy S8, and thus discover how much time it requires these phones pass from 0 to 50 percent. While the Galaxy S8 has a larger battery than the iPhone X, both devices charged to 50 percent in about an hour and 45 minutes. Best of all was that we did not feel a heat noticeable on the phones while they were on the platform.

In addition, we also tried to load the Samsung Galaxy S8 by using the USB-a port C of the base, which was much more efficient, since in only took about 43 minutes to charge the device from 0 to 50 percent.

For its part, the use of the port 1A USB-the device reached 50 percent of the load in approximately 95 minutes. We noticed that the difference in load time between the ports, 1A and 2.4 A was negligible, since the 2.4 was only four minutes faster to load a device with respect to the USB-TO 1A.

bateria nomad
Steven Winkelman/Digital Trends
Steven Winkelman/Digital Trends

Since now, you can buy the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub for a value of $80 dollars. Definitely consider that the price of this device is a worthwhile investment and more if we compare it with some of the basics that exist in the market.

Nowadays, you can find the charging dock Grovemade for the same price, but it only offers wireless charging. For its part, the wireless charging of Mophie and Belkin cost $60 dollars, but only offer the ability to upload wirelessly to a device.

However, if your charging needs are limited to a smart phone, it is best that you buy the base wireless charging RavPower. This device offers an output of 10 watts, and is about $40 dollars cheaper. But, if you’re looking for a cargo solution that will help you to charge multiple devices and keep the charging cables in order, the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub is hard to beat.

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