The best tricks and tips to survive in ‘Fallout 76’

What lover of the history of Fallout? Oh, so this news you’ll love! Finally, Fallout 76 is already open and the Supervisor or Overseer has a great task for us: to go to Appalachia and re-colonize. That sounds like fun doesn’t it? However, you leave the vault is not as liberating as it seems. There is a wasteland hostile is waiting for us, with hundreds of elements to make us fall. For this reason, we have prepared this guide, where we advise you with the best tricks and tips to survive in Fallout 76.


Yes, the outside world is frightening, and the radiation is not so nice. So, if you’re a newcomer to Fallout 76, we have for you several tips that will not only help you survive, but also to facilitate the transition of an inhabitant of vault pampered, an expert in survival in a desert.

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If there is no non-playable characters in Fallout 76, there are actual individuals with whom you can interact as you want, but if you want to speed up the construction of bases, spend less on travel fast and to increase your chances of survival, you must play with some friends.

Save on fast travel

Speaking of fast travel, with a map four times larger than Fallout 4, it is very likely that you are using this feature convenient in Fallout 76. Open the map, click on a friend, in the C. A. M. P from a friend or on the C. A. M. P-friend of a friend, to travel fast does not cost you anything. However, in any other place, it expects to distribute some caps to do so. The further away you are from your destination, the more you will spend, and the truth is that, the caps are quite difficult to get in Fallout 76.

Pick up all the loot

It is possible that you’ve noticed that you can pick up virtually everything in Fallout 76. Our advice is don’t be fussy, it Loots everything! Just be sure to stop in at a work desk or crafting station and break down each thing. All the resources found in Appalachia can be broken down and used later for weapons, armor, and, what is more important, to build a big base and pretty.

Used boxes of stash often

While filled your backpack with everything from coffee makers, to the gallows, take the time to keep you in a hiding place and throw away your trash! Don’t wait until you see committed by, or at risk, because then you’ll have to drop some of the precious resources that have been collected or cross your fingers and hope that you will not embosquen as you head towards the storage box nearest to you. In Fallout 76, players overloaded they can’t travel fast, so keep that in mind.

Uses melee weapons as a backup

You’ll find lots of weapons scattered around the wasteland, and you might find yourself using many weapons. That’s great because they are great for combat, but also require ammo, a resource that is very possible to be exhausted at any time.

For this reason, we recommend that you always carry a melee weapon (or three) in the event that you’re shooting blanks or worse, your weapon breaks. Unless, of course, enjoy the excitement of having fights fist with molerats and radroaches.

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Repair your weapons, cooking your food and boiling water

The degradation system is back in Fallout 76, which means that the conditions of the weapons and armor will deteriorate with use, and the food can spoil. Pay attention to the condition of your weapons, armor, and food, using the status indicator that is located next to the item in your Pip-Boy. Collect copper and aluminium to repair weapons, many of which can be found in various household items, tools and weapons duplicate.

If you find a source of water, do not drink directly from it. Instead, it captures at least two servings of dirty water and hiérvela in a season of cooking. All you need is a bit of wood and a station of the kitchen, and you’re ready to go.

You will continue to receive light dose of water boiled, but is far better than what happens if you do not. Always cook the raw food as soon as possible. This will prevent the purchase of any illness and slow down the deterioration.

Build an actual bed

And we mean an actual bed not just a mattress on the floor or a sleeping bag. Not to say that doesn’t help you in your first days of barren land, but the beds help to prevent the contracting of diseases, regenerates HP and can provide you with a higher benefit of rest, which adds a bonus of 5% of the XP that you earn.

Avoid public events and claim public workshops

If you are just starting your adventure in the nuclear wasteland, you may want to avoid public events and claim public workshops. This is because these can trigger waves of enemies along with other tasks that can quickly result in your death if you’re not prepared. It is recommended to play with a group or tackle these tasks with other survivors, but if you’re not to blame, or you play Fallout 76 only, keep in mind what you might be putting yourself.

Use the camp supervisor

You will become familiar with the Camp Supervisor relatively early in Fallout 76 , and this will act as your center for the initial part of the game. Don’t feel pressured to start building a C. A. M. P. too soon since you will need many resources to do so, and the truth will cost you some caps to move it (like that travel fast, the more you move, the more it will cost).

Used by the camp Supervisor to your advantage when you level up, refine your arsenal, equip some good letters of Perk and gather as many resources as you can before venturing out into the map and look for a place to set up your base.

Plays instruments

It is possible that you’ve noticed some of the instruments during your trip. Touch them for at least 30 seconds will give you a benefit interesting called Well-Tuned (or Well-tuned in Spanish) that regenerates your AP a 25% faster during the next hour.

This guide will be updated to mean that we spend more time playing Fallout 76.

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