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The best spotlights and intelligent lighting systems

Today, as in almost all the areas of the smart home, we have devices that make us applaud simply out of admiration, as the best photos and intelligent lighting systems. In addition, nor we refer only to the foci of high performance, such as LED lights, to save you money and also protect the environment. The best foci intelligent are not exactly the same. This type of lighting system, which was popularized for the first time for the series to Hue by Philips, is reaching more and more households are not only due to their ecological advantages and savings, but also a strong integration with phones and a range of smart devices, including the control centers of Amazon Echo and Google Home.

What is certain is that, once you get used to turning on and off lights with your phone, either from your home or wherever you are long distance, or to manage them with your voice through your speaker intelligent, life becomes more simple. And if you take into account that you can also change the color or intensity, create scenes in different rooms of your home, or to accompany your music, movie or video game favorites with a multicolour illumination that adapts to what you see on the screen, it’s hard to think back. And while jumping into the boat of the intelligent lighting can be an easy decision, choose bulbs suited to your tastes and needs is not a simple task. To help you we have compiled a list of the best spotlights smart available. Illuminate your home has never been so easy.


The best system of spotlights smart

best smart light bulbs sengled led thumb
The Element Classic A19 Kit Sengled is an all-in-one at a price is quite economic, that includes two bulbs and a hub of central control, as well as an Ethernet cable. With an output of 800 lumens at only 9 watts of energy, these light bulbs super-efficient will last up to 25,000 hours. Also connect to your devices Amazon Echo and Google Home, which allows for voice control with hands-free.

The application Element Home is compatible with iOS or Android, and the function of group control allows you to turn on or turn off all the lights in your home at the same time, or do this individually depending on the room where it is located. You can also schedule when you want the lights to go off automatically, as well as to plan your morning with the Wake-up Time. The section of ‘performance’ in the app shows you the amount of energy that you are using, in relation to the money that you’re saving. Is the kit perfect for those who want to enter for the first time in the world of smart lighting.


The best focus smart independent

best smart light bulbs sengled wifi
The focus smart Wifi Sengled connects to your network on the 2.4 GHz without using a hub or central control. It is very easy to set up. Simply download the app Sengled Home, installs the bulb in any lamp or socket, and you will see that the light is turned on and off to indicate that it is ready to be configured. Once you follow the basic steps, such as log, connect the device to your Wifi network, etc, you’ll have lights smart adjustable that you can control with your phone, or manage them with your voice through Amazon Alexa.
The low cost and the easy installation make this a boot option perfect. The focus WiFi Sengled comes in 2700K color soft white.


The best focus smart multicolor

1153868 autosave v1 smart apartment living room lights

This is not only a rainbow. The LED light bulb Wifi FluxSmart account with more than 16 million different colors, allowing you to create a palette of lighting that adapts to all your environments, and you can change whenever you want.

FluxSmart began to manufacture light bulbs smart in 2014, when it launched its system with Bluetooth capability. The company now offers everything from LED lights of filament to light bulbs with Wifi. LED lights Wifi FluxSmart produce 800 lumens with only 10 watts of power. Easy to install, each light bulb can last up to 20,000 hours and has a warranty of two years.

The mobile application that accompanies it, Flux, Wifi Pro, is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, and it is connected with Alexa, the Google Assistant and IFTTT. The activation function Wake Up also lets you program a schedule to turn the lights on slowly in the morning. And when you enjoy your favorite songs in a way that is immersive, the synchronization function of music changes the lighting to match the music you’re currently listening to.

Having said that, Philips Hue offers another excellent intelligent lighting system multicolor and multifunctional with similar functions, which we explain in more detail later in this article.


The best focus smart notebook

philips hue go is a nifty looking portable led light bedIf you would like to have the ability to move your smart lighting from one place to another, or take it with you, Philips Hue Go is the ideal option. You can plug the device to any power outlet, such as a lamp standard, or unplug and use it as a centerpiece on your table, room, desk or night table. Can last up to three hours when fully charged, and your focus 300 lumens can last up to 20,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

To use the light, simply press the button on the back. Philips Hue has seven effects of different light, that include a warm white light, daytime running light, energizing, and five dynamic lights natural. You can even connect your Philips Hue Go with the bridge and Hue (not included), which gives you total control of your home lighting through your smart phone. Currently, the device works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

In addition, as part of the system, Philips Hue, you can also use a bulb multi-colored brand, and to achieve an immersive experience of enlightenment and entertainment with the help of the application, that will allow you to synchronize your lighting system Philips Hue with games, videos, and music, that can be reproduced on a computer with Windows 10 or Mac os Sierra. For example, when looking at a scene serene ocean, light bulbs of Philips Hue will bathe your room in blue and green tones. While playing a video game, the lights will flash with each explosion on the screen, soak even more into an alternative reality. And when you listen to your favorite songs, the lights will dance to the beat of the music.

To experience the capabilities of Philips Hue Sync, you should select the mode of video, audio, or games, from the control panel of the application, where you can adjust the level of brightness and the speed of the lights, and even select nodes subtle, moderate, high, or intense for videos or games. And when listening to music, you can choose what color schemes you want to see, depending on the genre you enjoy.

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