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The best series apocalyptic that you can see right now

A nuclear attack, aliens, zombies, or the destruction of the planet product of natural disasters. Every day, new theories about how you could disappear of the face of the Earth all trace of humanity. If you like that kind of stories, then you can not miss this list where we show the best series apocalyptic available in the different services streaming.

From invasions by aliens, attacks from zombies to robot dogs and theocracies religious, there are several series today that explores the countless ways in which humanity was able to go to the devil, drawing us –almost always– to the end violent. These are some of the best television series chronicling the fall of the human civilization and its consequences.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

Without a doubt, this award-winning series of Hulu, had to be yes or yes, head our list. The story describes the terrible situation of Gilead, an empire’s authoritarian and theocratic that covers a large part of what was the united States, where women are forced to be a kind of sexual servitude, to have children of couples oligarchic. Women are forbidden to own property, handle money or even to read, and worst of all is that if they disobeyed, they could be victims of harsh punishments. Although its plot is not literally about the end of the world, it is a regression acute and brutal existence in which the religious fanaticism reigns and humans are treated as property.


The Walking Dead (AMC)

You can call them as you want: zombies, walkers, biters, or cannibals, but the matter is that, in this story, a virus has created the creatures dead looking to feed on human flesh. This successful series of AMC is a small group of survivors who are forced to join and fend off evil and of course, try to reconstruct the society. However, in many cases, the survivors are so desperate, they become more dangerous than the dead.


The Rain (Netflix)

In this series, Danish, whose third season arrives in 2020, a virus distributed through drops of rain has wiped out almost all of Scandinavia. The brothers who survived in a bunker and searching for signs of life and, in doing so, they meet other young survivors. Interestingly, they find that despite the fact that some time has passed since that disaster, apocalyptic, are not yet safe.


Mr. Robot (USA Network)

In this series, a sophisticated hack of a company involved in a number of important topics, from national banks, consumer credit, manufacturing of technological devices and to other facets of modern existence, unfortunately, leads society to its total devastation. The shops close, the family savings are lost, people get desperate and begin to loot, which ends up triggering the violent crime in the streets and the collapse of the world economy. In this story, its protagonists, trying to rebuild what seems impossible.


Black Mirror (Netflix)

Although each chapter of this series is completely independent, all situations futuristic, where the development of technology has brought terrible changes for the society. However, one of the most apocalyptic is dominated by a few “dogs” robotic, that have taken over the world, after the collapse of the human society. This episode of the fourth season, filmed entirely in black-and-white, it is a look sinister in the desperate attempt of a woman to survive an attack of artificial intelligence on four legs.


The Last Man on Earth (Fox)

It is worth noting that, this is the only comedy series on the list. The Last Man on Earth features Will Forte as Philip Tandy Miller, who believes that it is literally the last man on earth after a deadly virus destroyed almost all mankind.

Spoiler: they eventually find others, and work together to try to repopulate the society, despite their differences. Though the series was cancelled recently, his fourth and final season aired earlier this year, and all the episodes are also available on Hulu.


The 100 (CW+)

A nuclear war has destroyed civilization, but a group of teenagers is sent back to Earth from a space station in orbit, to check if the planet is suitable the life of living beings, and start civilization again. However, not everything is perfect, because all young people are prisoners. After the return of young survivors, they quickly realize that they are not the only humans who survived the apocalyptic events. The human beings living they decide to form different groups, with some hungry meat and other power-hungry.


Colony (USA Network)

This story futuristic develops in L. A., and it talks about aliens mysterious known as the Hosts, who have taken over the planet, ordering the military regime, a human, known as the Transitional Authority (Transitional Authority), with enforce his will.

The regions of mankind are separated by massive rectangular blocks that appeared from the sky, creating walls around the buildings and dividing the cities. With the Hosts controlling who can enter and exit the walls, the series narrates the life after humanity is subjugated by the alien invaders and the resistance that forms in the wake of his arrival.


3% (Netflix)

This is the first series original Netflix in the Portuguese language, and it develops in a society divided into two distinct classes: The Offshore enjoy privilege and technological superiority, while the Inland is full of poverty and deprivation. The plot explains that after a person reaches 20 years of age, you can apply to join Offshore. However, the problem is that only 3% of the participants will be able to enter your desired group, while the rest (97% of humanity) must continue to fight to continue with life.


Z Nation (SYFY)

This is another series that explores life after an epidemic of zombies, but with the difference, that gives a touch slightly comical to the situation. Keith Allan plays Alvin Murphy, an inmate of the prison who managed to survive the apocalypse, thanks to that received a vaccine that made him immune to the dreaded bite of zombies. However, such protection had a cost, because that is doing the mutating slowly into a kind of hybrid human-zombie, with a skin that is going to strumming, while keeping your mental faculties. Joined a group of survivors with conflicting opinions about his condition, Murphy could be the best hope of mankind for a cure.


*Article updated by Rodrigo Orellana on February 21, 2020 .

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