The best products that we meet in 2019

Wireless headsets are widely available and are the best. Laptops have become true monsters of performance. And the tvs OLED now they are also beasts visuals that offer a quality image of a dream with very little or no inconvenience.

These are all good news for you. No matter what you have in mind for this coming christmas and end of year holidays: there are teams that are going to suit all of your needs. And is likely to retire some hardware similar to that you would have cost twice done one couple of years.

The competition has been fierce, but after long discussions and hundreds of hours of practices with more than 1,000 products, we decided to go only for the best of the best of 2019. In other words: the following is the best technology that you can buy this year. And, in their own categories, is without a doubt the best technology ever created.

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In a world in which the prices of the phones are still increasing and in which the functions of avant-garde come to us most often from the software from the hardware, the iPhone 11 Pro Max finds the balance by providing materials of highest range with the appropriate software. All of this while keeping the price at a constant level of $ 1,000.

The iPhone 11 Pro has a clear advantage over any Android device in speed, fluidity and reliability thanks to the ecosystem in iOS is optimized and widely supported. That is one advantage that you will find in every iPhone, but in 2019, Apple finally returned to position the iPhone in the best level of cameras in the rear, not only with a wide-angle lens extra, but with a little magic software that takes photography to new heights.

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The introduction of a night mode-realistic and a great camera angle give the iPhone everything that any competitor can offer and it does so with the brightness and reliability of Apple. Best of all is that Apple added larger batteries in the Pro and Pro Max, which can take you easily to a second day of battery life with moderate use.

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In 2019, the Dell XPS 13 went from being a laptop excellent to almost perfect. In reality, it is a level of brilliance that few devices get.

Finally, this laptop brings a solution to the awkward placement of the web camera, which was always the major obstacle of this model. As usual, it’s now integrated into the top bezel of the screen and not at the bottom as before.

However, the bezels are super fine and sleek design aren’t enough to win our award for best laptop. A laptop should be powerful and portable. Comfortable and at the same time avant-garde. Thus, the XPS 13 fits all of these characteristics.

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 best products of the year laptop 191204

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The Dell XPS 13 offers a pleasant typing experience, a long battery life and fantastic display options, and all with a small footprint ideal for its portability. Even performance reaches maximum levels, with a version with six cores to choose from. You won’t find a more powerful device with this size, and that’s what makes the Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop that you can buy at this time.

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2019 has been the year in which the earphones or headphones completely wireless (true wireless) have given a lunge almost final to the headphones with cables. After many years in which only it was worth considering the purchase of a few models, now you have at your disposal an impressive variety of this type of headphones of great quality. But, somehow, Apple surprised us all with the best of the year. And not just by the sales figures.

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Launched in October, the AirPods Pro updated almost all of the functions with respect to his mediocre predecessors, the AirPods 2. This includes a better fit, a sound enhanced, resistance to water and even modes of noise cancellation, and transparency that are among the best. In summary, all this makes the classic AirPods fly to the top.

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We have tested the best tvs this year, and although many of them were true jewels, one pointed to the rest: the OLED HDR 4K HDR Master Series A9G Sony is the best tv in a very good year for this segment.

The A9G has solid arguments to be the best: it is beautiful, has a system of speakers hidden in the display that they sound surprisingly well. In addition, its image processor X1 Ultimate is the best in the segment. However, none of these aspects by itself is the reason for the highlighting. What is it that makes the Sony A9G so special? In a word: it is Sony.

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Sony engineers are the best in this market and lead in the world of televisions since a long time ago, knowing how to combine hundreds of elements to achieve the best visual experience.

The Sony A9G offers black levels are perfect, excellent details of shadows, bright flashes of HDR, colors, highlights, scaling outstanding and one of the cleanest images and without noise which we have seen. Yes, it is a luxury (and you pay for it), but this fact is not accidental: Sony created this 2019 a tv that exceeds the rest.

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The car more exciting in 2019 is not a supercar of one million dollars or any SUV for seven passengers. In fact, the best car that you can buy at this moment not of 2019: we refer to the crossover fully-electric car manufacturer british Jaguar.

Electric vehicles currently have a number of performance advantages over their brothers that work with petrol, and Jaguar makes each one of these advantages in a weapon. We start from the chassis manages to house the battery pack of 90 kilowatt-hours for the I-Pace the floor; this gives the vehicle a lower centre of gravity ultra-low, distributing the weight evenly between trains front and rear, without the ballast of combustion engines. Jaguar, in addition, has managed to stretch the width of the axles to the extreme absolute of the chassis, improving the cornering ability.

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If you do not have an autonomy superior to that of the Tesla Model X, or the cargo capacity of the Mazda CX-5, I-Pace stands out for its overall behavior, its finish and driving experience. The car is comfortable and smooth when cruising, but can be very agile in tight turns.

In short: brings together the best of the two worlds. That is why the Jaguar I-Pace is the best vehicle for 2019.

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It may be overrated, it may be excessive, but the Sony A7R IV is simply the best camera that has been introduced in 2019. No other manufacturer continues to challenge the technical limits such as Sony, and the A7R IV represents the best of what the brand has to offer.

The sensor, with a 61 megapixel camera, is the chip of higher resolution cameras, full-frame, and despite the bandwidth that they require all those pixels, the A7R IV has not slowed down an iota of performance. Shoot bursts continuous up to 10 frames per second. And although these figures are already very striking, there is much more to highlight in the A7R IV. The auto focus in real-time from Sony, which uses artificial intelligence to recognize and track subjects, makes the A7R IV is as easy to use as it is powerful. Is the autofocus system more reliable we have tested.

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 best products of the year camera 191204

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We love also your beautiful OLED electronic viewfinder from 5.76 million points, the useful life of your battery of 670 shots, and your new physical design with weather sealing. In a few words, the A7R IV is the point of reference with which to compare the other cameras in the years to come.

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Although in the last decade it seems that Fire Emblem had been forgotten, the franchise returned with more force in 2019 thanks to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a game that captured the fans like in the old times.

In Three Houses, you will become a teacher of an academy that trains the future global leaders. You will need to work both to prepare students for the battle, as well as become your mentor principal. With the time, through conferences and tea parties, you’ll create bonds of friendship that will last in time.

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 best products of the year videojuego 191204

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And that is what makes Fire Emblem: Three Houses is an exceptional game. Although the battles or tasks of the game are not valuable by themselves, together they create a network of connections that work perfectly with the epic story of the game.

But most important of all are your choices. As indicated by the name of the game, you can choose to lead one of the three houses of the academy, each with a unique story and a cast of characters. Multiple moves are rewarded with the end drastically different.

Without a doubt, Fire Emblem: Three Houses the game is indispensable, 2019, and in addition, becomes another (good) reason to buy a Nintendo Switch.

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The best smart device for the home: Google, Nest Hub Max

There are screens smart… and then there is the Google Nest Hub Max. As simple as that.

The Nest Hub Max is not only an excellent smart screen with state of the art technology and Google Assistant, which is ideal for the room of your house, it is also the only smart device for the home that manages to be multi-functional.

Instead of having to buy household appliances, intelligent, dedicated, as a security camera or a speaker intelligent, the Nest Hub Max packaged all in one.

With this device you’ll get a speaker-smart, a digital photo frame and a security camera in a single smart device. Some people say that this screen is simply the larger version and powerful of the previous Nest Hub, but what is certain is that the introduction of a built-in camera to extend its features.

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 best products of the year smarthomedevice 191204

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 google smart hub best home thumb

For a start, the camera can track in a smart way and keep you covered while you’re in a video call. It even works as a Nest Cam, to give you peace of mind while you are out.

Many screens smart came this year, and the majority were options competent at reasonable prices. But the Google Nest Hub Max makes an extra effort, and you get to leave behind your opponents.

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The iPad took important steps to becoming a computer with the launch of iPadOS. To add support for external storage devices, mouse, with Bluetooth and a workflow multitasking optimized, the iPads were a great step forward.

Although the new iPad is not the tablet’s high-end line of Apple (that distinction is reserved for the iPad Pro) has managed to become the big favorite. Starting at $329 dollars, the iPad costs almost $200 dollars less than the iPad Air and almost $400 dollars less than the iPad Pro more economic. In addition, it is available regularly.

Technically, the chip is A10 Fusion of the iPad is old-fashioned if you put it to the side of the last A12 Bionic Apple. And with only 32 GB of base storage (you can pay $429 dollars for the version of 128 GB), the disk space is limited. However, for this price, the competitors of Android do not manage to offer something similar in quality.

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 best products of the year mejor tableta

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Known for its Polish and excellent support, the iPad more affordable it offers an experience Premium with tons of content and games. And now, with iPadOS, can take the place of a laptop, if you regularly need it for little tasks demanding.

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In terms of watches, smartphones, the Apple Watch is the undisputed leader. No device of this type that match in terms of integrations with other applications and functions, or that provides you the possibility of forget about your phone when you have it on your wrist.

If you are looking for a smart watch to monitor your health condition, the Apple Watch has all the sensors you could imagine, including an electrocardiograph monitor (ECG), something none of its competitors can offer.

It also has an excellent support of applications, from the app of the original trace up to the powerful set of physical fitness programs from third parties available in the store of Apple Watch. You can use it to swim, to walk, in your work or the activity you need.

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 best products of the year relojinteligente 191204

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 apple series 5 thumb v2

The Apple Watch 2019 came with a design of the screen is always active, in line with the style of Apple, makes it look attractive and dynamic. Fortunately, this innovation did not affect the duration of the battery, that still pays a full day. The Apple Watch is the king of smart watches, and by the way, of all the wearable that we met in 2019.

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 heatenergiaimage
Heat Energy

Innovation is at the core of the definition of technology, which is characterized by a continuous advancement in the creation of new products –in many cases– from the modification of existing elements. And in the future, these products will also be subject to processes of change, according to the technological needs that purported to cover.

The technology gives response to latent problems. But it’s all admirable when to this is worth of something that is in front of us, something that has always been there. The light of the sun, of course: the day. But also the night. Because –if you didn’t know– in the darkness that encompasses our hours of rest, also generates energy. It has always been so.

What is new is that now we can also take advantage of it.

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 best products of the year tech for change

los mejores productos que conocimos en 2019 heatenergiathumb

No: it’s not about solar panels and “moles”. It is an innovative product that the Spanish startup HEAT Energy designs, manufactures and distributes: panels that generate renewable energy, day and night… and without batteries!

“There are photovoltaic panels”, we clarified José Antonio Moreno, a Physicist with a doctorate in renewable energy and the first responsible of the project. “We use the temperature difference with thermoelectric materials. This is exactly what allows us to avoid the use of batteries (using a thermal reservoir).

An innovative product that provides a solution to the energy problem in a sustainable and economic. A sample of the good state of form of the creative minds of Spain.

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