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You can do without having some devices in house, but the printer is not one of them. Now, in addition, combine several functions and not only printed, but also copied and scanned. Find one that is well in every way, even price, is not an easy task, since there are an infinite number of models. But we have searched for you the best printers cheap on the market. Posts to ask, we assume that you want a printer with good price and multiple connectivity options. This includes wireless connectivity so you can print from any device. You also need a USB connection, and that the configuration process is simple so that all you do is connect and print. Functions such as Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint and connectivity based on NFC are thankful for in a printer for less than $100 dollars. But if you don’t need great performance, any of the following models should be sufficient.


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It is an affordable solution “all-in-one” capable of printing on both sides. What you won’t find here is the fax function, which is a technology in decline thanks to the e-mail and the internet. In exchange, you’ll get a screen three inch LCD to navigate through the menu and easily adjust the settings of the printer. It also has a tray high with built-in filters to add special effects to your prints, as the background blur and soft focus.

What’s unusual about this printer is that it does not depend on a cartridge to print in black, or a cartridge for the cyan, magenta and yellow. In its place, Canon provides five slots for five separate ink cartridges: Pigment Black, Black (to combine with the color), Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. That means you replace only the color that runs out, only $13 dollars per cartridge. You can also buy these cartridges in combo packs.


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One of the printers more affordable of this guide, the HP DeskJet 3755, may seem less impressive and imposing than the others. However, its compact size and high print quality make it one of the best options for a printer that is low cost at these times. It is fully compatible with Wifi for wireless printing and only weighs 5.13 pounds (2.3 kilograms), which facilitates its placement in almost any space.

With this price you have to make some sacrifices, especially in the resolution on the functions of copier, and scanner. The built-in display and the button controls are not the most extensive, but not buy the DeskJet 3755 by his ability to do everything better than most. You can do what most do and it is a decent job, but it is far from being a leader in its class. However, when it comes to photo printing, we were impressed by the detail and the colour reproduction when we tried it.

It is not fast, it is a bit noisy, but it is very affordable, and if you need to save space with your printer, this is a great choice.


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The WorkForce Pro WF-3720 is a model “all-in-one from Epson that includes a tray, automatic document of 35 pages, print automatic two-sided printing and a color touch screen of 2.7 inches to navigate and change the settings of the printer with just one finger. Also includes fax if you need some time.

What makes this printer stand out is its compatibility with the NFC technology. This means that if your mobile device that incorporates NFC (and probably include you), all you have to do is play with that device on the surface of the printer to establish a direct connection. Otherwise, you can print from the WF-3720 using a USB cable, via your wired or wireless network, or directly through Apple AirPrint or Wifi Direct.


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This Brother printer with scanner, copier and fax machine offers many features at an affordable price and a very compact form, ideal to place under a desk or on a shelf. Connectivity options range from USB, and Wifi to NFC and an Ethernet port. The controls of the printer to provide a LCD touch screen, easy-to-use. The speed of the printer is around 12 ppm in monochrome and 10 ppm in color.


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Finally, if you are looking for a printer simple that only work with black ink, the E310DW Dell can be the affordable solution you need. It is the only monochromatic of our choice, and is capable of printing up to 27 pages per minute. There is a LCD panel integrated to the touch navigation, but includes automatic two-sided printing and a paper input tray in the tank to keep the dust away from the pages.

In terms of connectivity, you can connect this printer to your PC using a USB cable, connect it to the network using a wired Ethernet connection, or connect it to your wireless network to print without cables. Offers the set of services in the cloud from the Center of Dell documents for you to print your files and images from cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, among others.


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If you run a marketing company, non-profit, or a similar organization from your home, you may need another type of printer, a heavy-duty model capable of performing larger printing jobs to high-speed. This model of Kyocera allows you to print on a business level at an affordable price with speeds of 27 ppm in both black and in color, and with various types of paper supported. There is wireless printing and Wifi Direct for larger files, and is also compatible with AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and printing for mobile Kyocera.

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