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The best laid plans of the cell for small companies

As well as a size of shoes may not be at all, there is a plan of a single cell that suits all small businesses. To decide what is the best plan for your business, you must first be aware of what kind of company you have and what you need in a plan. Business owners generally pay for cell phones or plans (or both) for their employees when they spend at least part of their time away from the office – whether traveling, making calls at local, regional, national or international clients, or simply working from home. In the united States there are plans for cellular for small business ideal for each case.

Planes de celular para empresas pequeñas


There are several factors to take into account when choosing a plan for cell phone for your small company. Here are some important issues that would not be bad to consider.

Design of business: If you are an entrepreneur on your own or a company is extremely small with only a few employees, you could make do with a personal plan style to friends and family instead of a specific plan for business. However, when you have more than a couple of employees, he begins to think big in terms of adaptability, such as multiple lines, unlimited options for talk, messaging, and data plans only data for companies that do not need to phone calls or text messages and discounts to more lines or devices.

Coverage: Take into account the sound quality, data speeds, coverage and reliability in general. Make sure that the plan you choose has good coverage in the area where they are your employees. If you travel to other countries, you choose plans that have good rates in the countries where they are going. And don’t forget the coverage and services of text messages in flight.

Security: Some plans of mobile devices offer VPNs (virtual private networks), encryption, and other options to protect the data of your company. That could be very valuable as it saves you the investigate, choose and hire another service.

Hardware: If you need to give phones to your employees, consider the that are offered with the plans that you are considering, or if they prefer to use their own devices.

Hotspots: Some business environments simply do not have a Wifi connection that you can use, but you can use a cell signal to connect a wireless device to the internet through a mobile hotspot. To connect multiple devices, look for a hotspot dedicated with a fast connection, stable and secure, in addition to other services such as call transfer, voice mail, call waiting, and analytical calls in a row.

Data: business plans must be generous with the data, although the best thing is that they are unlimited.

Customer service: When you have problems, your employees or you will want someone reliable to whom you can call before your customers are impacienten.

Price: The price is always an important factor, and sometimes the plan is cheaper and offers exactly the service and the features that you are looking for. However, for something as fundamental as the communications of your business, not only it bases on the price.


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AT&T offers several variants of your Business plan Unlimited – Basic, Plus and Enhanced – that fit your budget for up to 10 devices for $70, $80 and $90 dollars a month. They all offer unlimited data, and unlimited calls in Canada and Mexico, with per-minute rates in other countries along with unlimited text messages all over the world, calls and unlimited messaging within the U.S. and national roaming free. The three offer Wifi private a VPN when you connect to a public network). The Preferred plan includes a hotspot 20GB and access to the AT&T network 5G mmWave (5G+) for compatible devices. A cheaper option is the Mobile Share plan Plus AT&T for $50 dollars per line per month for up to 10 or 25 phones, with calls and domestic messages unlimited, data accumulated and the ability to stream video in standard definition. There are also plans of grouped data which provide the line of each and every employee their own amount of data but allow to put the data grouped together within a single billing account.


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For small companies, Verizon offers a Plan for Business, Business Unlimited, Verizon Plans and Flexible Business Plans. The Plan for Business costs $175 dollars a month for up to 25 lines, with 25-200 GB of data and international calls per-minute, although there is also unlimited international calls available. The messages and calls to Mexico and Canada are unlimited, like the interior of the united States, in addition to offer messages unlimited international. Business Unlimited, for $45 dollars per phone, offers 4G data LTE unlimited with a minimum of four lines, the same connection in the united states and Canada and Mexico that the Plan for Business and finishes off with a mobile hotspot unlimited. The Unlimited plans Essential and Unlimited Plus, for $30 and $50 a month, offer variants of the same characteristics. There is No free VPN. Verizon offers a huge variety of devices, so if you plan to give phones to your computer, this could be the turning point.


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The Unlimited plans Basic, Unlimited and Premium Unlimited Plus from Sprint for small businesses are affordable options. The Basic only costs $19 dollars per month per line for up to five lines and you get calls and unlimited messages, streaming with DVD quality and a hotspot of 500MB. You also get 5GB of data roaming for 4G LTE for Canada and Mexico, and roaming the global more than 200 countries. You can add up to 20 lines. The Premium plan for $39 dollars a month per line, with capacity of 5G, there is a limit of 10 lines, streaming, in HD, a hotspot LTE 100GB, unlimited data, calls and sms, and roaming global in more than 200 destinations. The plan Unlimited Plus, for 11 to 500 lines for $30 dollars a month, is similar, with a hotspot of 50GB and VPN.


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T-Mobile offers Simple Choice for Business for $50 a month per line and up to $110 dollars per month for up to five lines, with $10 dollars more a month per line for 6 to 12 lines and up to 2GB of data 4G LTE. The plan includes more options for 6GB and 10GB of data with prices starting at $50 dollars a month for a line up to $260 a month for 5 lines with 10GB of data. You can make calls and text messages from any Wifi connection available, the LTE data you don’t use (up to 20GB) are cumulative for 12 months and you have calls and unlimited texting to and from Mexico and Canada – in addition to up to 5GB of data at 4G LTE speeds. If you’re looking for something more austere take a look at the plan T-Mobile Essentials, which costs $30 dollars a month per line. It offers data hotspot unlimited 3G; calls and unlimited texting and 2G of data for Mexico and Canada, in addition to unlimited messages and calls to 25 cents a minute to more than 210 countries. The plan Magenta for Business is available for two, four, eight, and 12 lines for $60, $40 and $30 dollars a month per line, respectively, and includes McAfee Security, technical support, messages and data in flight, data and unlimited messages in over 210 countries, and calls, messages and unlimited data in Canada and Mexico.

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